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And by experts, we mean people who love the film Napoleon Dynamite.

The really no I mean it this time unexpurgated re-expurgated director's cut of Bladerunner, no shit this time for sure.

[07:43] jmeadows: you could think about the novel and flirt with it
[07:43] matociquala: That's a good plan.
[07:43] jmeadows: maybe it'll ask you on a date
[07:43] matociquala: Maybe!
[07:44] matociquala: I think I might be ready for a new relationship.
[07:44] matociquala: Maybe I should reread Dust.
[07:44] matociquala: I could take a copy and mark it up. *g*
[07:44] matociquala: That might be fun.
[07:44] jmeadows: hee
[07:44] matociquala: And it would be like work.
[07:44] jmeadows: just imagine the changes are being made in everyone else's copy too
[07:45] matociquala: and less like being a giant slug.
[07:45] matociquala: hee
[07:45] jmeadows: some poor fan out there is reading, and suddenly words rearrange themselves, whole sentences vanish....
[07:46] matociquala: ooo. It would be like being George Lucas.
Tags: chatroom transcripts, the writer at work
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