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There's nothing like the threat of work to increase productivity.

I got up this morning at 6:15 or so.

Since I decided to try to re-read Dust and start thinking about what I need to do for Chill, I have:

Put a chicken in to roast
Made tea
Eaten breakfast
Started a loaf of corn bread with sweet corn and chilis in it
Realized that the loaf was too big and sticky for the bread machine, so taken it out and hand-kneaded more flour in, subdivided it, frozen half, and stuck the other half back in the machine
Started chicken stock
Fed the cat
Cleaned a pen
Found my notebook
Washed a sink full of dishes (I typed "sing full of juices," first time. Ladies and gentlemen, my brain.)
Made orange juice
Taken my vitamins and parted out the next three days' doses of same into the thing on the counter
Thought about what to eat with the chicken, later, besides corn bread


Only thing left is scrubbing the tub and hitting "refresh" on livejournal and the Shadow Unit BBS a couple more times....

I think my brain votes for more vacation.
Silly brain.

Tags: catwaxing, the glamour!, the writer at work

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