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bear by san

March 2017



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sf farscape d'argo's your daddy

they don't seem to understand the way the hammer shapes the hand

1,188 words on "Smoke and Mirrors," today, because that's what I'm supposed to be working on.


Todd is always happy to rattle on, though. It's nice to have characters who are happy workers. In fact, being a writer himself, he actually forces in the other characters in stories where he has POV to work harder. He grasps narrative.

Channeling the Pixies:

"Where is my mail?"
"Where is my mail?"
"Where is my mail?"

Ahh, the joys of living by your wits making a career in the arts. Allegedly, my agent received the publication check for Dust a couple of weeks ago, and I was supposed to have it this week. Alas, as of yesterday, it was not here.

Good thing I believe in keeping a lot of carbohydrates around in case of slow cash flow. I'm also still waiting on the delivery checks for Ink & Steel and Hell & Earth, and considering I've already returned the copyedited manuscript of the first of those, it would be nice to have the money for the work I did last October. Not that I need to pay my rent and insurance and utilities and student loans, or anything....

(There's also a couple of foreign rights deals that might pay me sometime this year, but I don't actually budget around those.)

Anyway, I'm going to be here with my Raison d'etre, if my horribly unreliable mailperson who tends to jam letters into the box any which way (fold, spindle, and mutilate) ever shows up.


This may be a dumb question, but how do you get paid from those countries that have public lending rights laws?
As far as I know, I don't.
Do you think your "Smoke and Mirrors" will get confused with Neil Gaimans short story collection of the same name? Have you thought about that?
No, I'm pretty sure it won't. Or any of the other 6,341 Amazon search results for "smoke + mirrors."

Titles get re-used all the time. They can't be copyrighted.

You should email Neil, have him mention the "potential confusion" in his blog, and then both of you link to the two books on Amazon (you do have a pre-order set up there for it, right?) in each of your blogs. More links = more exposure for both of you. (:
Except it's a sort story, not a book. And it'll be going up either free, or at a very minimal subscription charge, on the Shadow Unit site. *g*

Otherwise, very good idea....
Also, you know, there are worse things to be confused with...
Heh. We get readers by any means necessary. *g*
I suspect that very few people are going to get a Shadow Unit short story confused with Neil's collection, anyway. ;-)
They could try really hard. ;)
I mean, if it brings up Bear's book when someone's searching for Gaimans I can see nothing but win-win here.
I see. I just wondered.
You have to be UK-resident or a UK national to qualify for UK PLR. Except that we have reciprocal arrangements with other countries that run PLR schemes. Which, alas, doesn't include the US, yet...
That's your idea of carbohydrates, ay? Fancy beer with a furn name? I'll send you some hippie war surplus brown rice..
Beer has calories.

I also made corn bread.
Beat me to it. :)

Then again, porter is named for the chaps who drank it for breakfast, so...
Anyway, I'm going to be here with my Raison d'etre,

Ooh. WANT.

*makes note for post-deadline splurge*
It makes everything better.
Raison d'Etre is an AWESOME beer.
Sorry to chuck this in from the middle of nowhere, but I've just watched Cloverfield. Astounding. Seriously. Up there with Fargo, maybe even better...
Oh my, that beer does sound good. And it goes well with duck (there's one in my refrigerator right now). And they have a porter (mmmmm ... porter). And there's a distributer about a 20 minute drive from here.
*** Locks door and hangs up "Gone Fishing" sign ***
Dogfish Head is perhaps my greatest discovery of the 21st century.
if my horribly unreliable mailperson who tends to jam letters into the box any which way (fold, spindle, and mutilate)

I once saw a cartoon (? from the New Yorker?) with proud managerial mailmen standing beside their new Folding, Spindling and Mutilating machine...

*goes off to see if Raison d'Etre is available in the UK*
If it's not, come visit. The same company also makes a barleywine called Midas Touch which has saffron and muscat grapes in.

*gasp* You mean all authors aren't glamorous multi-millionaires??? My world is crumbling around me!!! *snicker*
I make about thirty thousand dollars in a good year. *g*

OTOH, Ican work in my pajamas.