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and then they were eaten by bears

[15:51] leahbobet: I really need the good Thai restaurant to deliver.
[15:51] leahbobet: I have the beginnings of a cold in my ears.
[15:51] leahbobet: I require tom kha.
[15:52] matociquala: tom kha cures all
[15:53] leahbobet: O Green Mango, why do you forsake me?
[15:54] chrisbillett: Oh, Thai. Yes.
[15:59] stillnotbored: gah...I need more aspirin and sudafed
[15:59] stillnotbored: brb
[16:00] stillnotbored: *tries not to die loudly*
[16:01] stillnotbored: I think Bea gave me her internet flu
[16:02] matociquala: She was blaming Chaz's fictional flu as patient zero
[16:02] matociquala: so your flu isn't real
[16:02] stillnotbored: I'll inform my sinus cavities they are fictional
[16:02] chrisbillett: You have fictioned it!
[16:03] leahbobet: *yells THE END at sinuses*
[16:03] stillnotbored: thank you
[16:04] matociquala: *sinuses produce beas*
[16:04] stillnotbored: that should do it
[16:04] matociquala: er, bears
[16:04] leahbobet: *bears eat neighbours*
[16:04] matociquala: and bring back tom kha
[16:04] matociquala: everybody happy
[16:04] chrisbillett: Epilogue: Sinuses holiday in the south of France
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