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you will pray for me

563 words on Chill tonight. It's coming, though still slowly. Today, I wrote a short scene to bring us into chapter two. Tomorrow, I get to maybe start breaking things afresh (because every books needs its own bright shiny crop of broken things.)

Eke, eke, eke.

Sadly, I sort of need the book to eventually progress in something slightly faster than the current stately fashion, but there you have it. Right now, this is what I get: I grope through scraps for hours and find maybe a chip or a corner I can use. It is starting to snowball a little. It's bringing me ideas, occasionally, like jackdaw trinkets picked up along the roadside, and that's all to the good.

Now I have to figure out if Jsutien gets a POV this book, or if he suffers through without a chance to express himself. I think I may go with the latter, because for a book like this, I think four POVs might be enough, which means, alas, the youth remains a cipher. (The first book had three.)

Now, I know there are poeple out there who prefer books written in a single point of view, and to them I say, sorry. I am not the writer for you. In general, the immediate result of me trying to write a book in a single point of view is me having to go back and insert two or four other people's perspectives to make things comprehensible to people who are not me. I've done this enough times now (Blood & Iron and All the Windwracked Stars started off as single-narrator stories) that I like to think I'm proving myself capable of learning by just hanging that hat outside the door before we even get started. (Yes, A Companion to Wolves is a single-narrator story. You notice I had a co-author for that?)
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