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it's time we had a break from it. send me to the rear.

Time to clean out the review file again:

tessagratton reviews A Companion to Wolves. And, OMG, read the book I actually thought we wrote. (You have no idea how rarely that happens.) (Spoilers. Hello.)

rivkat wasn't quite so impressed.

myalexandria also read the ACtW I thought we wrote, but didn't like it as much.

ellen_fremedon liked it a lot, except for Sarah and my completely bogus linguistics. I feel a little bad about that. I fear we have done her an injury.

onyxhawke liked Undertow.

wild_patience is thinky about Whiskey & Water.

alara_un liked Dust.

So did fhtagn

And Andrew Plotkin, also, though he noticed that missing bit of layering that was annoying me so much.

nebula99 also liked it.

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand Cheryl Morgan thought Carnival fell apart at the end.

And that's your Wednesday Morning Narcissism for the week. *g*
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