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bear by san

March 2017



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drive train _ netcurmudgeon

Total Madhouse

If you are a Nature subscriber, or willing to pay the weregild, my short story "Annie Webber" is live there today. (It's also in the print version.)



I heard that.

It's all your fault ANYWAY.

Yes, I do have to take the blame for bringing the two of you together.

However, I think I can survive the stain on my conscience.
Eee! Nature!!

Nature. Wow! I hadn't even thought of Nature publishing fiction until I ended up with the _Futures from Nature_ book at VP.

How did this come about for you? Are they back at it again?

Congrats! And the circulation of Nature is 3x the circulation of Asimovs...

- yeff
How it came about: They asked me for a story, so I wrote them one.
Way cool!
They sent me an email saying, "Please write us a story of between 800 and 850 words."

And I said, "Honored!"
They print a lot of SF writers, actually. *g* One per issue.
They did it for a year, then stopped (IIRC some of those stories were collected in the book version).

Mid(?) last year, they started up again. It's a weekly one-pager at the back of 'Nature'. 'Nature Physics' are also doing it but that's a monthly publication.
"Price: US$${price.getStrAmount()}"

That's not a good sign.
Once you register, they'll tell you how much. $30 for me in Canada, so I'll be waiting until they get it at the local library. Luckily, I enjoy anticipation.
Excellent story. It is times like this that I can reap the benefits of being a college student.
thank you.
Ah, the little advantages of being in .edu. (The corresponding disadvantage: trying to read it over the lab background chatter; the wrangling of linear types, the frolicking in category theory. Not quite the thing for this, really.)
I think my kids get nature, so I will be watching.

On another note, I suffered some serious icon lust, and have stolen your icon for use on other forums. Don't be alarmed, the replica I left in it's place will fool all but the most astute observers.
They're totally for sharing. *g*

That came off a harrow, I believe. Some sort of farm equipment, anyway.
Oh, very good story. That was a clear step above the general level of Futures.
Well, thank you.

Go you. And I love the story.
thank you.