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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

You know what? I may feel like I was a lazy slacker today (because as we all know, my guilt gorilla is a 900-pounder) but I actually wrote 930 words of Shadow Unit content, which maybe means I should cut myself some slack on that front.

Even if I did not get anything done on the CEM. And even if I have decided that I am ignoring all the long prose things I need to be writing until such time as I feel like I can work on them without triggering suicidal ideations. Which means Chill and Wehrwolf, currently.

But they're just not ripe yet, and trying to write them green is not going to get me any magic. It may get me a hernia. Or a wallow through the slough of despond.

So instead, I am going to read this book I am meant to be critting. And get back to some of this other stuff later.


Just started Dust. I am very much enjoying the demonstration of Clarke’s Third Law.
Thank you.
And now I know yet another meaning for the term Jacob’s Ladder! The things I learn reading science fiction. :-) They probably don’t get to use the nifty electrical device on the ship, though, given the scarcity of oxygen...

The other day I discovered that an older coworker knew about the term “Prince Albert” as a piercing, but had never heard of the tobacco, nor the classic telephone prank associated with it.

More words than gorilla-pounds! Win! Hey, and don't forget the words you wrote whilst schmoozing here and on the SU board. That's work-related too.
*snrch* Should check to see who's been using my computer before I comment. *g*

Anyway. Those don't count....
Hey, who're you gonna believe, me or your guilt-gorilla?

...don't answer that.
"Work" and "fun" may blur in 5his industry, but I'm pretty sure that what you mention technically qualifies as "faffing about on the internets all day."
Hee. True.
Heh! Just got the email about the comment that vanished. Not from whom I'd expected.
This is what happens when you invite the FBI into your life.

Wiretaps, computer monitoring, random comments in your lj....
so, uh, where did you get all those really cool "The Man from U.N.C.L.E." icons?
I made them. *g* You may borrow, if you like, except the two or three that truepenny made, which are not mine to give.