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bear by san

March 2017



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lion in winter dalton love me

Your moment of shallow for today brought to you by ginmar

Nobody should be this hot in long hair and a tux at Sam Elliott's age.

Good lord.


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Whoa. And *slurk*.
Painfully hot boys and girls. Free with subscription. *g*
Oh, man. I have thought he was hot since Travis McGee.

But the long silver hair? And the tux? And the one where his hair is mussed and he has the bemused, tolerant expression?

Hellooooooo, nurse. Talk about hitting my kinks.

That's nearly painful in its hotness, that is.
I have watched a perfectly dreadful movie (Roadhouse) several times just so I can enjoy the brief presence of Sam Elliot with long hair.


He is absolutely the only good thing in that wretched movie.

Also? He has the second sexiest voice in Hollywood. (#1? James Earl Jones, duh.)
omg. Yes. Hello.

I'll take a gross. except that's totally the wrong collective noun.
Oh yes indeed.
He looks, as my sainted Nan would have said, the very picture of a rogue and a rascal. (She had a soft spot for that type herself, so I claim a genetic predisposition.)
I gotta disagree. It'd be a better world if more people were that hot and had long hair.
You have a point.

And it's a goal. Maybe when I am his age, I can be that hot, because I sure am not now...
Sam Elliot is younger than my dad .. by about 2 years. I may have Issues. :)

I will confine my thoughts to those two words, lest I say something regrettable.

. . . And you follow it up with a Timothy Dalton icon. Evil.
I have longed for that man all my like.
Your Freudian slip is showing. *g*

I see it matches mine...
And that is why you should go to see the Golden Compass. *g* If you haven't already

And for the witches

Except for the part where I didn't like the book.
Oh, my. *fans self* Very nice pics. I love long hair on guys...and I've always liked Sam Elliott. He's got a wonderful voice, too... Thanks for the links. :D
My pleasure. *g* No, REALLY.
He's *always* been hot. Can't tell you how many times I've watched The Long Riders just to see him.
I believe I'm having the vapors...*fans self* I shall swoon. Oh, my. Nom nom nom.
I have mentioned to friends how Sam Elliott and Tommy Lee Jones both make me weak in the knees (although Elliott does have the sexier voice, definitely), and they look at me funny. I blame it on several years in Texas. ;P
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