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December 2021



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So there was climbing tonight, and tomorrow there needs to be:

Potato curry
The rest of the CEM
Guitar practice

I think that's all.

(I'm voting for Clinton, after much waffling, because of a series of balance points that fell in her favor. (1) I will be more-or-less equally happy with her or Obama, and a 1-2 ticket in either direction will make me ecstatic. I'm hoping for Edwards as AG, and I want to see Bush's mad rush to pardon everybody and his dog on his last day in office. Why? Schadenfreude, baby. (2) Statistically speaking, women will vote with equal preference for female or African-american candidates, but the reverse is not true, and I would at this point feel like I was letting the side down if I didn't vote for her when I had the chance. (3) Yeah, yeah, it's always the wife or widow or daughter of some guy who used to have the job who first holds a high elected office, but then we get used to it and get on wth our lives. (4) Clinton political machine? Well, sure, and? You maybe have noticed the political machines all around us.... (5) Clinton/Bush dynasty? Well, the Clintons would still need to put Chelsea on the ticket as Veep in 2016 to catch up with the Bushes. Or, in other words, oh whatever. Typical Republican propoganda where whatever they do is just fine until the Dems try the same thing, and if Jeb Bush stood a chance, we wouldn't have heard a peep about it. (6) I've been defending her since the fucking chocolate chip cookies, okay? And I'm not about to stop now. (7) I can always vote for Obama in 2016. And will, also.

Either way, I have noticed this trend where former Republican presidents/veeps retire to their ranches, and former Democratic presidents/veeps are awarded Nobel peace prizes.

Not that it signifies, of course.

(And I plan to ignore all comments arguing with my politics, so go ahead and squawk, but don't feel hurt when I don't answer.)

The climbing went well. I sent two 5.6s and a 5.7 on the slab wall that I had not managed before, which was satisfying and also convinced me that I really need to work on my smearing. I got much higher on my project wall (the 5.7 with the mild overhang) but I just do not have the hand strength for that damned thing yet. It will come. However, I could actually see how to do the next move, I think-- I just didn't have strength to do it. And I got over the points that I had been sticking on. I did fail on a 5.7 that I have done twice before, but that was because I was so wiped out after the overhang. And in the process of sorting out that second 5.7, I intellectualized something I must have done by accident before, so next time I will know how to mke the move rather than just guessing.


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Hilary, too. Obama reminds me too much of JFK, which makes me very uneasy.
I think I will like him better with a little seasoning. (I like him fine now.) But I'm backing the girl.
"Either way, I have noticed this trend where former Republican presidents/veeps retire to their ranches, and former Democratic presidents/veeps are awarded Nobel peace prizes."

You posted way too late. This should have been the quote for the day. (Maybe it can sneak in tomorrow...)
Kind of tells you who's in it for the public service...

Hey, it's nearly tomorrow, here.
POTATO CURRY! You are a genius!
I just hope the press doesn't pick on Chelsea any more, she really didn't deserve it. And the Bush girls didn't get a tenth of what they deserved.
In a better world, the daughters and sons of public figures are off-limits, yanno? :-P
While your points make pretty good sense - not to mention I don't want Obama with his pro-Black Church's agenda, plus his stated desire to be President-as-King - hubby and I will still try to caucus for Edwards tomorrow. (And for Al Franken as well.)

BUT: CLIMBING question! Please let us in on what all the numbers ranking your climbing are for, other than some general idea of difficulty levels. I've never taken climbing classes, just clambered about various river-bank cliffs and such, so I can't even pretend to know what goes on at a rock wall. Please and thank you!
You can look the list up in Wikipedia. *g* Or just google rock climbing.

Basically, those are all easy-ass climbs!
Back in my Southwest Florida journalist days, I met Gov. Bush. Jeb's the bright one of the family, as scary as that is. I wouldn't put it past him to be tossing his hat in for 2012.
Even though i am a troglodyte, i think, that as all political repression and Fundamentalist religion are based on repression of women, it is past time for a woman in office.

B) Hillary is the smart one in that family

C) Obama is an outsider. A lone wolf, an outrider. Not black, not white, not mainstream American mixed race. I wish i could trust him, but i can't.

D) Chicago is the very definition of old fashioned machine politics. Obama could not be where he is without being "connected." So his main talking point is a prima fascia lie.

E)JFK references do not give me the warm fuzzies. Too old for that.

We don't get to vote for another month and some.. Have fun.
As an Aussie the US political system always seems to be rather odd to me.

There are things I kind of like (theoretical separation of legislature and executive; more transparency in the nomination of candidates).

Then there are things I really don't like at all (non-compulsory voting; the ridiculous length of the presidential campaign; the fact that money often counts for just as much as, if not more than policy; the complete absence of anything remotely resembling a strong third party; the prevalence of negative campaigning).

Still, as an interested observer (and who in the world isn't going to be affected by the elections in November?) I find it comforting that the electorate in the US appears to so far be more politically aware than they have been in the past.

Are you finding that more of your acquaintances than normal are planning to vote and/or have a political opinion than four years ago?

No, not really. Most people I know are sort of compulsive voters.

I actually find non-compulsory voting comforting. There is a vast swath of people I would just as soon have sit home in front Dr. Phil and not get involved in putting world leaders into office.

Yes, this is elitist.

But I figure, if you don't care, I don't want you influencing the outcome for people who *do* care.
I don't get to vote until next week, so I'm still waffling. Your reasons sound good to me, and I may go the same route. I've been combing thru their websites and issue comparison sites--sigh--still waffling. Neither is near as progressive as I'd want, but there are some good things about both in differing areas. I, too, would be glad to have either as president and would be happier with a combo ticket. Though my dream ticket would have John Conyers, Barbara Boxer, or Stephanie Tubb-Jones on it.
Vote early. Vote often.
No politics.

Just Dust.

It rocked. Hard. Thank you.

I'll be posting more about it when I have a brain, but right now, I'm on a post-con drop, insomnia, and a resurgent head-cold.
Thank you!
Obama is OK, but I'm for Hillary, too. She seemed like the one who should have been in office years ago. She's smart. I'd love to see what a woman can do. I don't really care for her much, personally--but that's not what I'm looking for in a President. I want someone who is smart and thoughtful and caring and will try to do the right thing and is actually able to get things done.

Obama down the line--no problem. Sometimes I wonder if I'm getting old and more conservative and therefore Hillary appeals more than Obama?

She just seems to have more going on, though. And she's survived a lot of hating and personal attacks--pretty much against all odds. She seems to have the right stuff to survive a Presidency. Many good people get in and are stymied by the whole system. She's been at the center of the maelstrom and is still standing, even thriving... after years and years. Her tenacity impresses me.
Hrm. We have a highly experienced administration in place now with an inexperienced chimp in the head office. I think a lack of seasoning is not such a bad thing.

They said the same thing about H's husband B.
I just got back from the precinct. I voted for Obama, nor do I hold a solitary thing against you for voting for Clinton. May either of them be the next president, and so long as it is so, it is FINE BY ME, let's be clear.

And the Clintons would have to go back TWO generations, not one, to catch up with the Bushes. Prescott Bush served in the Senate. *shudder* Al Gore is the one who would have had only one generation of catch up to do.
out of curiousity, how did you start with the whole climbing thing?
Well, I was looking for a sport, and I'm writing a character who climbs currently, and I have an old friend who recently took it up, so all three things sort of clicked together.
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