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bear by san

March 2017



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iggy pop chairman of the bored

How to tell your generation has entered the Demo:

I just found out about this.

Sorry, Baby Boomers. Please return your seatbacks to the upright and locked position, and brace yourself for approximately twenty years of unrelenting sarcasm and irony.

Generation X has money now.


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Is it wrong to like the word "degunkify" even as I know I'm being manipulated?
That's how you market to Gen X, baby. We expect the manipulation, but we want you to kiss us first, and make us laugh. And don't pretend you're not here to use us for our money.
Now if only they'd make movies about us. (Not the idiot chick-flick kind of movie.) I swear, I turned 28 and suddenly there wasn't a movie on the planet marketed to me.
Have you seen You and Me and Everyone We Know? Smart, quirky and kind of sweet.
I have always said that we will know we are the establishment when Omaha changes its city motto to a line from the Counting Crows song. But this is close.

(I vote for, "Omaha: It's the Heart that Matters More," but "Omaha: Get Right to the Heart of Matters" is also on the list.)
My only real association with Omaha goes back a ways. I can still sing it.

Mutual of Omaha is people. . . .

Hopefully not like the soylent green stuff.
And here I was noting it by songs appearing on commercials. And been noticing for a few years now.

"I Melt With You" for Burger King. "Blister in the Sun" for Wendy's. "How Soon Is Now" and "Pressure Drop" both for Nissan. Squeeze in ever-loving BEER commercials.

admittedly, the shampoo copy is cute. Even if it would strip my hair of all moisture and leave it a Brillo mess.
"How Soon Is Now" for Nissan?

What, is it supposed to be the car that takes you to the club where you stand on your own and you leave on your own cry hard and lie and want to die?

What is this stuff anyway? Salad dressing?

Wow, it's an LJ icon waiting to happen, isn't it. Got drama llamas? Sorted.

Although you've put your finger on why I feel so out of tough with my supposed generation; they're media babies, and I am not. No wonder I used to want to cry when they all sang a song from the TV and I didn't know it.
You get too nasty about us Boomers and we'll take away your rattle...
Try it, and we'll take away your social security.


Oh, wait, Bush is already working on that--
Well, I agree that you'd better be durned charming and sweet to get me to do more than look at a product. On the other hand, as a part of the first generation to grow up watching tv, I'm pretty cynical about ad hype, too. . .

And I'm a label reader. ;D

Between my HUGE allergy to silicone (YES, skin rashes and hayfever reactions), and change in hair texture (again) to wavy-curly, I don't want to have my hair squeak - (long) hair needs its oils!

But for me, hair color is needed (the early grey ages me waaay beyond calendar years). That's okay, my mother-in-law still "has" raven-black hair. ;)

Whoops! Stumbling on one of my pet peeves, here:

I'm a child of two Baby Boomers - so I'm a Baby Buster. Term was settled long before the sto0pid Gen X thing came out in about '96.

On the other hand, over half of us Baby Busters don't have money now, sadly enough. :|
I got my first gray hair at age sixteen. :-( By my late twenties it was either color every three to four weeks or have a baby face with my grandmother's hair. My hair is to my shoulder blades, and with color in it, I tend to get guessed at mid-thirties or younger (I'm 43). With gray... well, I'm just not ready to have gray hair yet.

My folks were Depression-era babies, and I was born in '64, so our nuclear family completely skipped the Baby Boom. Neat trick, eh?

I R Old

Sorry, Baby Boomers.

No! NO! NO! We're the center of the universe, and we're not leaving, dammit!

We're going to stamp our feet and hold our breath until we turn blue, because this can't be happening. It's all about me, US. We're the smartest, funniest, cutest. And we were the ones that discovered sex, too.


We're not going. You'll have to kill us.
So I saw this T-shirt this summer on a really unattractive specimen of aging white male, which read:


I was this close ----><---- to walking up to him and saying "Hi. I'm a GenX. I'm just like you, only I have a social conscience and *I* care about the world you're leaving for *your* children."

But I decided that any possibly sequel wound up with me arrested for assault, and discretion, valor, etc.

The thing is, most boomers (such as my parents (I'm a weird XXer--I have Boomer parents because they started young), such as you) are not assholes. It's the 5% that somehow have accrued TWO WHOLE GENERATIONS worth of FUCKING ENTITLEMENT that ruin it for everybody. And think the best thing you can do with an electoral mandate is invade and occupy small foreign countries.

But it's okay: we have snark and shovels. And we like your kids. *g*

(Somewhere, I heard it said of Gen X that History will not notice us, because we did not fight wars, and so we will disappear into the generations on either side. We fought for social justice. Unfortunately, that's not true anymore, because we and the Yers are fighting the Shrub's war.)
Twenty years of unrelenting sarcasm and irony?

That will make a nice change from the thirty years previous of unrelenting abuse and ridicule.

And i remember when a person who is related to you discovered Herbal Essence, and proclaimed it "Good Shit"

I used to use Lemon Joy.
And the nice thing about GenX irony is that it's largely self-directed. We failed earnest. *g*
Me, I have total GenX envy... what the fuck *is* my generation, anyway? *shakes head* But yes, the GenX'ers are finally making headway and soon, oh yes, very soon, they will have world dominion... Muhahahahaha!
Almost ten years behind the times. We Boomers lost our cred when that asshat Bush stole the election and we still had our heads up our asses.
yep.. two w(ass)hole presidents and our wad is shot.. Shouldna smoked so much dope, i guess.
And I'm supposed to tell the next twenty years from the last twenty exactly how?

I never did recognize the songs on TV commercials no matter what year it was.

But "degunkify" would be enough to get me to try a product, actually. Maybe I've been in stasis or something.

I think you may be an honorary baby buster, Pam. Just based on your ability to sarcas. *g*

It's a very fuzzy boundary, but if you can find nuclear winter funny, you might be Gen X.
No, the early twenty-somethings are still too broke to be much of a market force. They're trying to sell them electronics, us hair product, and the boomers cruises and Viagra.
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