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If I seem a little scarce on the internets lately, today is another busy day. I have to renew my lease, get a haircut, take a friend to the car mechanic, and do all those things that you have to do to live in the world. And then go shoot things.

So, yanno, again, I will see you tomorrow. (Yesterday kicked my butt so bad I slept through to my alarm this morning, which never happens.)

My calendar for the rest of the month scares me a little. I need to be a hibernating worky thing in March. Oh yes, I do. The kind that works.

In other news, my February Storytellers Unplugged column is up. 

And in other, other news, also relating to the initials SU, SCI FI Wire in the person of JJA offers the linked tidbit on Shadow Unit.

Now I must shower.

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