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bear by san

March 2017



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at Smart Bitches, Trashy Books, 40 Nebula Winners...

In Haiku.

1984 - Neuromancer
1 \X/1|| |-|@><><0|2 j00
\X/17|-| |\/|`/ |_||}3|2|337 $|<1||z0|2$|
This is kind of sad

(And as an aside, Wow. That's a profoundly impenetrable example of L337.)


That was my conclusion as well. *g*
yay. deleting my guess now so that others can have the fun :-)

and to hide that I was able to read it. 'Cause, uhm.
It helps to unfocus your eyes a bit.

Has William Gibson commented on this yet?
I believe it is:

"I will haxxor joo
With my uberleet skillzors!"
That's what I got too.
That is correct.

Yes, I'm ashamed that I only had to read it once, slowly.

It was the late '90's, I lived alone, IRC was ALL I HAD, MAN!

As the man said, "But I'm muuuuuuuuch better now!"
You are not alone.

I went to a high school for computer nerds, though.
No kidding that's impenetrable! I got the first line....still staring at the second one going "errrr...."

And like thespian...mildly embarrassed that I can actually figure any of it out!
I could read that. took moment of turning off my brain, but I could.

*hides in shame*

I've never read Neuromancer, actually.

*hides in more shame*
I haven't read it either. *shrug*
To its credit, it's a quick read, but also rewards you for going back over it, Bear-style, looking for the wiggly little fractal bits.
Back when I played on BBSes (1994-1996), this is what the L337 speak looked like! I haven't seen it in ages.
was a bit of a parse it out, but not too awful.
Yeah, I can read that. I spent too much bored free time in middle school reading the Wikipedia page on 1337.
I have kids who grew up reading 1337.