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bear by san

March 2017



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spies mfu geekier than the average spy

Hey, look at that. A new thing just happened.

(Image hotlinked because it seems to be being made available for that purpose)

So they threw some flash crowds, and people turned up after all.

(promoted from comments)


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Damn. I go look for a job and the Internet shows up in meatspace.
The revolution has not been televised. However, it has been propagated.
The part that got me laughing out loud was the bit where the "cult ->" sign appeared in the window of the building next door.
How do you, ideologically speaking, defeat a crowd that is enthusiastically demanding that you "DO A BARREL ROLL! DO A BARREL ROLL!!" ?

I think this wins weird news for the year.
Seriously. *g*

Do not try to out-weird the Internets, baby. Because they can BRING IT.

Edited at 2008-02-12 04:31 am (UTC)
Mine, too!

I've been following this for weeks now - since the first video. To tell you the truth, I'd written it off as a script-kiddie lark...it's so incredibly heartening (and oddly touching) to see a bunch of young people actually hot for a cause - hot enough to protest!

Now if we could get people a little less apathetic about this damn war. But let's start with baby steps, hmmm?
I am wondering if Alan Moore saw that image. *g* And what he thinks of it, if he did.
Sometimes the Cake is real.
Othertimes, the Cake is a lie.


It's all very Zen, or so I am told.

I just think it has better be yellow cake.
With chocolate fudge frosting.
This is just all kinds of awesome. Wow. ^_^
You know what I love about (some of) Anonymous? They'll stand up and take a swing at anything.
We had 'em here in Adelaide, too--even made the evening news. And Sydney, and Melbourne. Not sure about the other capital cities.

I think someone's been hanging around AVEN, though... :)
The primary emotional transaction of Youtube is whining in the comments.

It's like the primary emotional transaction of livejournal being unsolicited advice.

I like our culture better. ;-)
I am so spoiled by San Francisco, as this barely pinged the weirdometer for here - but it's really great to see the weird turn up in other places not known for it, too.

Would you settle...

... for a nzzi racist fscktard?*
*Not at all safe for work. Possibly not safe for sanity. Certainly not for the faint of heart, or those with a low tolerance for childish scatalogical, borderline (at least) homophobic, racist, and other -ist comments, and utterly not for children.

The problem with siccing Anonymous** on political goals is that Anonymous is Legion, and not all of that Legion is liberal, or conservative, or libertarian, or communist, or... well, pretty much anything political. Many of them have political ideals that don't line up with much of anything, really, or just have hotbuttons that will set them off - internet censorship, net neutrality, things like that, usually (and unsurprisingly) - but no real political coherency.

Which makes the CoS a pretty perfect target, really - sorta like pedos (which they also have been known to hunt down online and turn over to the authorities) or people who are intending to actually hurt someone (the handful of times that serious "ZOMG shoot kids at school" threats have been made on 4chan, they've been pretty quickly rousted up and turned over to the cops), they are a target almost all of Anonymous can agree is full of shit and fail, and that taking them down would be epic win and great lulz of the highest order.

**to the extent Anonymous could possibly be "sicced" on something "Anonymous is not your personal army" is a common refrain. Anonymous does what it does, in the end, for the lulz, after all.
About all I could wish for is clearer, coherent messaging so that they wouldn't be written off by many as not having a serious message.

I am glad, though, to see that it went beyond the internet into the "real world." That's all kinds of win.
That Lom Bok is RIGHT OUTSIDE my office in London! That doesn't surprise me, 'cos I get offered free stress tests every day as I walk past Goodge Street station, and normally comment that I don't need a test to tell me how stressed I am...

Still, damn! Funny that a friend from Connecticut can be posting pictures taken a few metres away from my office. Haha.

(Nice furniture, Lom Bok...)
It is a freaking interesting future, innit?

Hey, how you feeling?

Rise up on a wave of laughter

It's so good to see that the use of humor as the ultimate protest against serious horseshit is alive and well and oozing out of the cracks between the keys into the "real world". Why do you think satire and parody are the first targets of the thought police? Because they're most vulnerable to them, and they know it. And the revolutionaries most likely to rebuild the castle and rehire the guards are the ones with no sense of humor.
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