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bear by san

March 2017



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lion in winter dead

I am glad I stayed home from climbing after all, even though it made me sad to do it.

The Telling Detail:

It's still just a headcold, but my nose is so blocked that even on drugs, when I blow my nose, all that happens is snot bubbling out the corners of my eyes.



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That is so cool (in an insensitive stranger sort of way.)

I don't think my eyes do that.
snerk! I couldn't help but snerk. It sounds so impossible that I would actually love to see it. I think that gives me a one up in the gross department. I do, however, send my get well wishes.
Wow. That's impressive.

And it might have grossed me out if I hadn't recently been told a story involving blood poisoning and a putrid caribou femur. But I think that reaction is out of stock for the moment; check back later.
It'd be grosser if it bubbled out the corners of somebody else's eyes.
...and yet, really seriously cool at the same time. Especially if you get to pick the person.

Just sayin' I'd enjoy allergy season a *lot* more.
That happened to me a over a year ago, and now I get air through the corner of my eyes all the time when I blow my nose. :/
Wait..wait. Mucus, if not able to get out of a nostril or two, does..what? Creeps into your brain, sees some light from eyes' corner and goes AHA! and out it squirms?

Just trying to get how this, um, works.
That sounds way more cool than gross.

Last week, my son's double ear infection blew out both his eardrums. Ears should not leak.
The son of a friend of mine recently got a nosebleed so bad he was crying blood.

We are such weird, squishy meat-sacks.
snot bubbling out the corners of my eyes.

This happens to cats. I found a 4-week old kitten under my building last year with what looked like a raging eye infection, but the vet said it was just snot from a cold. It was icky, but it cleared up right away once he was warm & fed & hydrated.

(I'd avoid the canned kitten milk, though - it didn't agree with the kitty either...)

ROFL. Ewwwww. I have never been *that* blocked up- you have my sympathies!
but -- how does that even work?
Oh, ewww.

I am congenitally unable to blow my nose -- even trying a little bit shoots the snot straight into my inner ear, and an immediate ear infection ensues. So I stopped trying when I was, like, 6.

I can't imagine having it come out my EYES.

Re: I don't know...


Two points.
here you just get the sympathy.
*crosses fingers mine never get THAT bad.*
This here is what happened the last time that someone tried to squick me with gross stuff.

Survival training makes you immune to gross.
I have secretly envied people who could do that. I have trouble even managing the Valsalva maneuver. (And doesn't "The Valsalva Maneuver" sound like a thriller novel instead of something gross to do with sinuses?)

I was, however, cured of that horrible Eighties habit of using bright blue eyeliner on the inside of the eyes after I blew my nose one day and distinctly blue streaks came out.

I probably shouldn't encourage the gross, but right now I have a roommate with a snot phobia, and of course this makes me want to run around the house yelling SNOT SNOT BOOGERS DRIPPY SNOT a lot, but I don't because the lovely roommate is cleaning the house and packing our boxes for us.
o gawd. *This* is why I no longer eat while I'm reading my flist...

Hope you feel better soon.
When I blow my nose, shipping in the Bristol channel changes course.

My late partner could open his eustachean (sp?) tubes at will. Very useful on aircraft.
I can do that by holding my nose shut and increasing pressure in my sinuses.

It is really useful.
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