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bear by san

March 2017



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writing whiskey wicked faerie

via tamnonlinear

White stag spotted in Scotland.


Pretty! Mostly, though, I'm giggling at your music. I just watched "School of Rock" for the nth time the other day on cable. Hee!
Oh, yay, I love that movie! I have such adoration for those kids, and their redemption through the power of ROCK.
Where's Lucy and Peter and Edmund and Susan?
We honeymooned at a hotel up there in Glen Cannich and it's absolutely gorgeous! And it was rutting season for the stags!

Uh, not the ones at the hotel, I mean. Well, actually... ;)
quick quick, call Golly and Archie.

no kidding, how beautiful.
Neato. Any guesses as to what he heralds?
Oh, thank you!
Ohhhh. Pretty boy, isn't he?
Check out the action shot, linked above....
I read this article too! I sooo want to go take pictures of it!
Unfortunately they're really trying to keep his location secret so that he doesn't get poached - as happened to the one in Devon/Cornwall last year (?). Don't know what it is with people who can't just enjoy something like this, but want to kill/possess it and spoil it for everyone else. *shakes head* Sad times we live in :(
Oh, fabulous. I just hope the huntin' and shootin' brigade leave him alone.
There's another fabulous Scottish creature in today's news items, of which I think you might be interested. The Scottish Wildcat. The Scottish Nature Heritage is conducting a census of the population - asking people to keep their eyes and ears open for them and report when they sight one.

Here's a link for more information. http://www.scottishwildcats.co.uk/

(my news article is in Gaelic, so I don't think it would be very informative)
I love Scottish Wildcats, in fact I just finished a shifter story around them about a month ago.
I'm a bit stunned that they're rare enough to be reported like this, actually. The white-tailed deer population in my part of the US (western New Jersey) is so dense that partial albinos are not all that uncommon. There was one living in a herd about 2 miles from my house; I saw it at least once a week for more than 5 years. I think there's another one currently living about 4-5 miles in the other direction.

But then, this is the kind of sight I see every day -- not exactly "majestic stag in the Highlands".
funny about deer - kinda like squirrels. Only squirrels are 'cute' and deer are 'beautiful' until you've had the squirrels eat all your tomatos off the vine, and until you've had the deer eat your lilacs.

Still, it's a pretty picture.
He's beautiful. I hope he stays safe and sires many babies :)
Funny. Just a few days ago my mom sent me copies of an email of one of her cousin's - one FULL of pictures of a


Yup. And it's so big I'm assuming a male, especially since it's/he's accompanied by two smaller normally-coloured moose. I think that cousin lives in one of the very snowy parts of Colorado or California.

Lucky them, tons of snow, huge white moose. . . .

The stag is lovely, though, so it's wonderful he's being hidden from "hunters."
white CHOCOLATE moose?