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Oh, sunshine take me now, away from here--

She wore a black tiara, rare gems upon her fingers
She came from distant waters where northern lights explode
To celebrate the dawning of the new wastes of winter
Gathering royal momentum on the icy road

With chill mists swirling like petticoats in motion
Sighted on horizons for ten thousand years
The lady of the ice sounds a deathly, distant rumble
To Titanic-breaking children lost in melting crystal tears

--Jethro Tull, "Something's on the Move" (lyrics by Ian Anderson)

How can you not love a band that performs a love song to a glacier?

In other news, I have installed the new Google toolbar and pop-up blocker. I luff it. And not just because it keeps a running tally of pop-ups swatted on your toolbar. Also because I google about a hundred times a day, and this saves mouseclicks, because now I can google from anywhere. *Cackles.*

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