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bear by san

March 2017



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One of the nice things about my job is that I can work at home, in my pajamas. However, alas, in the last two months, all of my "work clothes: (pajama tops--[Gentlemen, avert your eyes for TMI] I like the tank tops with the built-in bra, because, well, when one is designed the way I am, it's not too comfy to flop around the house without some kind of support. ("When your momma flops around the house, she really flops around the house.) [End TMI] have DETONATED. As in, no longer wearable.

And I'm fussy about them--most of the cheap ones just don't offer enough support.

So I am off to the maul, to spend too much money at Victoria's Secret. :-(

Pray for me.


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Victoria's Secret on V-day? Yikes!
My daughter, who is built along your lines, is a much-repeat customer at victoria's secret. She says things are better constructed there, and she thinks all the designers are women, because they understand how the female form is really made, outside of Hollywood's enforced size minus 2.
Funny, a woman I knew told me their stuff was poorly built. Maybe it was the other way around.
That seems so unnervingly appropriate ... given what I know about Presidential history.
Does TMI stand for The Mammary Inundation?

They were my favorite Cure cover band. :)

I have to go to VS today for jammies for the lady folk of the house because I was too ill to do pajamagram.com in time.
D'oh! I finally remembered what TMI stands for.

I need a vacation.
Okay, what was Victoria's secret?
It's true, their shelf bras are the best. Tank tops from other stores are kind of a joke if you have anything over a B cup.
May God come between you and harm in all the empty places you must walk.
Good Luck! I hope your cold is improved enough that you can apply the necessary sedative beverages after your perilous excursion.
Do they really carry stuff to fit women who are not skinny-minny? I've only ever seen the tiny things in the stores around here.

(One of the last of my favorite pairs of jeans detonated a couple of days ago. Drat.)
Their bras go to 40 DD, some of their clothes go up to 20 (their XL is supposedly 20), but the jeans seem mostly to go only up to 16.
That's not TMI, at least for me.

careswen also likes the tank tops with the bra built in. They rock for running around hte house on a lazy day, or after work, when she wants to be comfortable.
My prayers are with you, indeed.

For someone whose favorite fabric is flannel, I have a *scary* amount of stuff with the VS label on it. Every single stitch of my underwear, for one ... VS makes the most comfiest -- and durable -- cotton undies anywhere, and their sales are well worth the wait. I almost never go into the store, though, I do it all online.

And, come to think of it, both the flannel PJs and robe I've got on right now came from there, too. VS doesn't really advertise the "comfort" part of its line, but it's definitely there.
*perk* durable cotton undies??? I thought no one made them any more. Even Hanes Her Way has turned to flimsy, thin fabric.

Thank you!
Good luck. Glad it's you and not me, though. (I swear the sales girls there look at me funny for even walking in the door, let alone the crowds today.)
Consider NYC & CO's underwired support camisoles as an alternative to Paris Hilton's Victoria's Secret for jammy tops that hold the business up.

I'm a 38 D, and I can wear their mediums, (the line goes up to XL,) and not only do they come in several colours, they provide enough support that I can often wear one of those instead of a bra for layering when it's really cold, or when I'm wearing something lace-knit.

They also have a non-underwire line, and I have to say that their quality is consistently much higher than Skank's Secret has become in these last five years or so.
Underwires defeat the purpose.
How much of life, and society, nay, civilization! Comes down to BOOBS!

And your post was on my friends page right after my friend monotony, who posted (friends-only alas) her very good poem nominally about Agamemnon and Clytemnestra, the latter's breasts featuring prominently in several stanzas.
*hearty "Current Mood" approval*
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