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bear by san

December 2021



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Am I excited? You bet I'm excited--

So today (tonight) is the big day: the day the first episode of Shadow Unit ("Breathe," written by Emma Bull) "airs." In the meantime, beforehand, there is a frantic flurry of activity behind the scenes as we get the place dusted out and ready for new visitors.

I love this. It's like opening day of a new play, when I was a theatre geek--all the behind-the-scenes drama and fiddly bits that must be dispensed with to make the opening seem seamless to the audience.

And I'm not sure I can survive the next ten or twelve hours until the story goes live.



Best of luck. The opening scene reads well, but then it is about sex. I was/am also a Man From U.N.C.L.E. from year dot.

Will it be showing on the Eastern side of the Atlantic at all soon?
That's actually one of the many promo teasers.

There are more, if you look under "Extras" on the sidebar.

:-) And some of them have concealed easter-eggy type linky presents in them.

Looking forward to it. NB: What do you think about Dexter? I've only just discovered it, and it's starting to intrigue me...
I haven't watched it, and probably won't. I almost never like movies/TV that glorifies/sexes up serial killers.
It doesn't exactly glorify him. It's quite unique. The main actor himself is reminiscent of Jason Bourne. But it's wonderfully complex. He does very good things, solving murder cases, as well as killing other murderers, because of - well you need to see it. I'd recommend the first episode, just to see what's going on. It's unlike anything I've seen before...

NB: Seen Cloverfield yet? Up there with Fargo and Leon...
Yeah, I've had it described to me in detail, including all the psychological stuff they conveniently ignore. I think I'll pass.

No, I haven't seen Cloverfield, but I've also heard it described, and plan to give that one a pass, too.
OK, I can understand your dislike of Dexter- it's morally very challenging, but Cloverfield is astounding. It's the only "monster movie" that I've seen that is written entirely from the viewpoint of the victims. The monster is barely seen. It reminds me of Alan Moore's "Watchmen" - which posed the question "what if superheroes really existed". This poses the question "what if monsters existed". The atmosphere outdoes Blade Runner or Alien. It really takes you into the heart of the action, where no one knows what's really happening. They just run...

OK, I'll shut up now...
Yeah, I've heard. *g* I've also heard detailed deconstructions of how stupid the plot is, and how manipulative the writing is. So no thanks.

And trust me, morally challenging isn't a problem for me. Getting the psychology of violence wrong is.
OK - I wasn't going to reply, but the phrase "deconstructions" annoys me. Who cares? It's a film. It's entertainment. Do you try to logically deconstruct Bill Hicks? He's immensely politically incorrect, but he is also hilarious. Why should one override the other?

OK, I'm drunk, but I don't agree with the intellectual rejection of entertainment, just because it doesn't tie in with someone's political views. I happen to think that Dr L F Celine's books are wonderful, even though he was an anti-Semite. I own just about everything written by Charles Bukowski, even though he was a really unpleasant drunk. Don't mistake the map for the territory. Just because a TV program doesn't happen to fit in with your personal viewpoint, doesn't mean that it's bad... Rejecting something without experiencing it strikes me as small minded. I've read several books by Nietzsche, not because I agreed with him, but because they were illuminating.

OK - apologies - I've drunk almost a litre of vodka - but I think that my basic point is correct - rejecting something because someone tells you that is wrong is a bad idea. Make you're own decisions, based on "evidence".

Oh, and Cloverfield is brilliant!


Love and hugs...
I have friends who know my taste, who I trust to tell me if I will think something is stupid.

And if I'm busy yelling at the characters for being too stupid to live, or the writers for getting their facts incorrect, I won't enjoy the show. So why bother?

Life is short.

It's definitely too short to try to stuff your preferences in entertainment down the throat of somebody who isn't interested.
The timing's perfect for me...it'll be up by the time I get home from the airport. (which is 90 min away. stupid airlines not going where I want.)
Remember the days when they DID go where you want, before all this nonsense about having to pass through the airline's "hub?"
The excitement! It kills!

I have to resist going to bed early just because the first episode will be there when I wake up in the morning.

(Having an addictive personality hurts.)


Eee! Can't wait!

This totally gets to be this week's Reward For Being Done With Assigned Work.
Egads. I shall somehow have to find a way to thank Wil Wheaton for pointing me in the direction of your journal. If only for this. I'm not finished going through everything on the website yet, but I'm already completely enthralled.
I am happy you like it.

I love your icon.
Let there be Shadow Unit!
And good luck to you on opening night.
Am looking forward to it, and even managing to be excited despite my current Annoying Cold. This says something about how excited I actually am...
We're in the finishing touches stage now.

~wriggles impatiently~ Want story! :)
So far, riveting. I keep sneak-reading a page at a time in between work assignments...