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bear by san

March 2017



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writing shadow unit chaz gravity

Several hundred thousand words later--

Shadow Unit is live. Featuring, right off the bat, for episode 1x01, "Breathe" -- a fabulous novella by Emma Bull. (A bunch of other content is also already available, both on the site, and in the intarwebs, for your perusal.)

If you don't know yet what Shadow Unit is--it's, well, an experimental hyperfiction, financed on the donation model.

But all you really need to know is that "Breathe" is here. It's by Emma Bull, and all we ask is that if you like it, you throw us a couple of bucks so that we can afford to keep doing this.

Welcome to Shadow Unit.


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*flails* It's here! It's here!

(And early enough that I can still start work at nine like a decent person - thank you.)
You're welcome. *g* Our humps, they is busted.
Oh my.

Want to go back and read it again and make actual intelligent commentary, but for now I am reduced to yay! Go team!

(Serendipity strikes. I saw it was up and decided to treat myself to one of the very fine hand made chocolates I got for the Recent Holiday while I read. And therefore was laughing a bit at the end in my rueful no editor would buy this kind of way.)
Woo! Oh, I am glad it suits.

And now maybe I shall go back to bed. :-P
Hey, my suspension of disbelief can include a universe where secondhand smoke is frequently and provably dangerous. *)

You guys are doing an awesome job with this. I'm really looking forward to seeing where it goes next.
And so is physical therapy!
I hope not!
You guys are entirely too full of win.

Two weeks till next ep, right?
I should probably add, I went to the computers immediately after my first class. Because. Not waiting for SU any longer than absolutely necessary. :)
Hee. Don't forget there's message boards and all kinds of other goodies!
Well, THAT was cryptic. ;-)
Boo-yah! :)

Thank you.
Thanks, this seems to be where the news gets handed out.

I liked Emma's story.
Thank you.

it's up on her lj too, and Amanda's, and Will's blog. I suspect it will hit Sarah's when she drags herself out of bed....
Welcome to the party.
Enjoyed it lots; liked the TV episode feel and the sharp, sharp dialogue.

And I love three characters particularly already - Chaz, Falkner and Reyes.

More, more!
Oo, the El Jefe has a partisan! It was bound to happen...
Love it! I'm minded of Painkiller Jane meets Threshold, with a dash of Torchwood thrown in for good measure. There's only one problem: two weeks is way too long between episodes. *grin*
But if we ran them all at once, the season would only last two months! *g*
Nice. I liked the first episode.

But I think the team's too big; the drama feels a bit unwieldy. I'd welcome a tragic death or two, if I didn't know my fellow fans would geld me for the mere suggestion.

Also, less chatter and more fisticuffs, please!
Thanks for the comments. And I'm glad you like it.

As for tragic deaths, well. It's too early to say for sure, don't you think? Besides, the nice thing about a serial drama is that it's got room for a lot of character development.
OK! So I didn't get it first time. I'm enjoying the show. I'll tune in for every episode.
Thank you! I'm glad you like it.
Is good. Is interesting. Need to reread, though, before my thoughts get more coherent.

I got Carnival last night because I had to go home before 'Breathe' was posted, and enjoyed it very much, by the way. :) And then I came in earlier than usual so I could get at 'Breathe' before I had to start work...

I don't know if anyone's ever mentioned this before, but your stuff is addictive.

(Also I desperately want an icon that says 'The bipeds are so interesting when they're plotting', because that line was just too perfect for words. And I don't know how to make icons. ~is sad~).
Hee! "Breathe" is Emma's. I had some editorial input, but that's all. She's fabulous and I want to write half as well when I grow up.

Glad you liked Carnival, though. Yay!
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