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bear by san

March 2017



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spies avengers steed and peel needed

The Snowpocalypse Continues

Either that, or somebody up there is sprinkling an awful lot of cornstarch on the carpet.

Project brain-rest continues apace. I'm still feeling a bit cranially sprained, mind you, but the cat seems perfectly happy to be spending a snow day on the couch with me, watching S3 of Mission: Impossible. I'm absolutely bored off my ass, however, and would really like some mental capacity to resume, so I stand a half a chance of being able to do interesting things again.

Usually, I regenerate from the staring-at-Youtube-and-playing-video-games-on-the-Internet portion of having used up all my brain faster than this, but you know. Those revisions *really* took it out of me, in ways I am only now beginning to appreciate.


I want my brain back. I'm bored.


Poor Bear! Ennui sucks.

Do not WANT.

This is just a first impression...

1. Your icon is awesome.

2. Your screename is awesome.

3. Ennui is an awesome word. (Love me some Baudelaire!)

4. Therefore--according to my scewed logic--YOU are awesome.
It's baking soda with a few drops of tea tree and peppermint oils dropped in. It's time to vacuum the Northeast, and this'd freshen the carpet. Didn't you see the notice?
I'm a visual type artist myself and can totally relate. For me it helps to do something that uses a different part of the brain, like puzzles. Or cooking. Just nothing to do with the kind of art I do. I know where you can get some really tasty-sounding recipes....
Yes, I do the same thing.

I've been cooking a ton.

I suspect my friends are getting tired of eating it all...

I live alone, you see.

This afternoon, I might try.... reading.
Read Baudelaire, that's what I say! ^_^

Or, whatever else will get the juices flowing... a good walk works, but I'm guessing that's not an option? (Everyone that side of the Rockies is perpetually snowed-in, right? XP)

Of course, being self-centered and single-minded, I would say l'Universe is waiting for me to finish Dust so you have a good, solid excuse to write "Chill". :P

(Though I assume you'd like to write other things, too, but, like I said, S-C and S-M.)
I know what you mean. I am bored and annoyed with my inability to figure out what happens next in the cat book and possibly snowed in. An, for some inexplicable reason, the propane people have neglected to give us new propane.

BAD propane people!

BAD cat book.

I shall help you sulk.
... I regenerate from the staring-at-Youtube-and-playing-video-games-on-the-Internet portion ...

That's called "research."
I'm thinking butterflies on Sunday, with a nice lunch somewhere beforehand. Wanna come up? I know you have a zillion things to do, but you'll make better progress if you can re-oxygenate your brain with unexpected coolness first. And hey, driving's always good for thinking (-:

(ETA: blackholly can come along too and we can make it a frustrated writers outing! I do believe she's only a half-town away from me...)

Edited at 2008-02-22 09:58 pm (UTC)
I dunno. I do *not* want to blow you off, but I have been driving all over hell for the last two weeks, and overscheduled for months, and I really am feeling the need for a nice long introvert fit so I can get my brain cleared out and be able to write. And I have been around large groups of people way too often lately, and I find that absolutely emotionally exhausting.

I love my friends, but the problem is, I can have an extensive social life *or* I can write, not both.

I'm really tempted, though....

What's entailed in the butterflying?
Naw, you're not blowing me off. I totally understand the introvert and the driving-too-much things, trust me, and it'd make me happy to know that *someone* was getting some writing done again because it sure isn't me (and isn't likely to be me for a long while yet.)

There's a place about a fifteen minute drive north of me that's essentially a giant greenhouse full of butterflies and tropical plants. It does tend to be very crowded on weekends, though, particularly in the afternoon, so not so good if you're maxxed out on the crowd thing. We can always play it by ear and when you feel like coming up if I'm still mobile I'd be happy to join you. I'd even play hookey from work to hit it on a weekday and have a little more elbow room.

Have you asked Holly?

Both of you is even more tempting than one, dammit....
I haven't. I've only had maybe two conversations with her and those a couple of years ago now, so I don't flatter myself that she'd remember me from any of the other zillion writer wannebes in the area.