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The Snowpocalypse Continues

Either that, or somebody up there is sprinkling an awful lot of cornstarch on the carpet.

Project brain-rest continues apace. I'm still feeling a bit cranially sprained, mind you, but the cat seems perfectly happy to be spending a snow day on the couch with me, watching S3 of Mission: Impossible. I'm absolutely bored off my ass, however, and would really like some mental capacity to resume, so I stand a half a chance of being able to do interesting things again.

Usually, I regenerate from the staring-at-Youtube-and-playing-video-games-on-the-Internet portion of having used up all my brain faster than this, but you know. Those revisions *really* took it out of me, in ways I am only now beginning to appreciate.


I want my brain back. I'm bored.


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