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bear by san

March 2017



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A butterfly landed on my nose today. That was kind of extraordinary. Although apparently not an uncommon occurence where we were...

Also, I got to hold a giant stick insect from New Guinea.


How fun! We have a butterfly conservatory here and it is really awesome. Sadly, it's closed in the winter.

I have held a Madagascar hissing cockroach but not a giant stick insect from New Guinea.
were you ever in Tennessee when we had the giant butterfly plagues?
They used to get huge epidemics of little brown butterflies in the dry part of the summer.. Thousands of them trying to get water out of the creek.. They were not shy about landing on people.. They had weird eyes. Like diffraction gratings, or maybe all compound eyes look like that..
I think compound eyes mostly do....
Wow. That's a big stik insect.

(Also, I seriously love those butterfly pictures. The people look so pleased and slightly nonplussed!)
That is just TOO fucking cool.
Neat! It's been a decade since I visited one!
Magic Wings is awesome. We seriously considered getting married there, but did not because we decided many older family members might faint in the heat... and one bridesmaid turned out to be terrified of butterflies.
Considering the way they dive-bomb you, I can kind of understand it!
Ah, thank you for posting the pic! I was trying to remember what the darned thing was called but my addlepated brain just couldn't come up with anything beyond "bug".

And thanks for hanging out for the afternoon. Hope we helped (-:
I had a great time with you guys. *loff*
Yeah, but did we *help*? (It helped me: after taking a nice long nap I managed to get almost 2500 words down last night.)

(And today I've got leftover noodles. Mmmmm!)
Too soon to tell, really.

Mmm, noodles.
I'll take "too soon to tell" over "you guys suck -- you ruined my book and I hate you forever and ever!" any day.
Highly unlikely. *g*
I'm pretty sure that having a butterfly land on your nose is a sign of good luck. It says so in Finn Family Moomintroll, anyway, and I take that as An Authority.
Cool and cooler!!