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the captain is a one-armed dwarf...

I am made of tired. However, at the climbing gym today, while waiting for my belaying buddies to show up, I did get three pages of notes and snippets for Chill done, which boils down to, more or less, the next two scenes. Of course, I can't write it yet, because I have to finish these incredibly boring page proofs.

And now, I am sore and sleepy, and going to fall over like a big sissy, even if it is only 11. (Climbing makes me sleep more.)

I guess it's just as well that the trip out goffing with rikibeth was called on account of inconvenience, as we would just be getting to the club around now, and I really am that wasted.

Okay, to bed. And more (&^%(*&^ proofs in the morning.

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