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who knows? not me. we never lost control.

Ink & Steel (The Stratford Man, Part 1) page proofs: Act II, scene xx. Page 266. September, 1598, and it does feel like I have been in this book for five years, four months by now.

Actually, since I started writing it early in 2003, that's not far off. Can I go home now? Except I'm so excited that this enormous bastard is finally seeing print, I can barely contain myself. Between, of course, the slogging through the page proofs.

It occurs to me now, much too late, that it would have been fun to put scene time/location slugs in here, and really dress up the playscript thing. And it would have made it easier for the reader (and the author, for that matter) to keep track of where in the 12 and a half years the book covers we are.

Ah well.

At least we can still keep track of time by watching Will lose his hair.
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