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bear by san

March 2017



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rengeek fucking silence

Oh, fuck me with a chainsaw.

Somebody must have told my other editors I was trying to write a fucking novel in March, because not only do I also have the page proofs for Hell & Earth coming, I also have the CEM for All the Windwracked Stars.

I might cry.


Guys, 0.0 watch this space.

...expect a lot of whining.


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Courage! Lagavulin

I feel guilty that my CEM is a comparative cakewalk. (So far. Of course, now that I've said that, the last half of the MS will develop nasty teeth and horns and snarly bits and reduce me to a sobbing heap on the floor.)
It's going to be like finals week all month.
Ooh, books are coming after the Tempest.

whining builds character.. carry on
For some reason, I thought that this was kradical's LJ the first time I read this -- but the titles sounded wrong, so I actually, you know, really looked. Otherwise, I think if there were an LJ award for insane amount of work, the two of you would be far and ahead in the running...

Him and jaylake and mizkit.

At least I'm doing it because I need to, to eat....

Copy-Edited Manuscript.

I'm sitting here waiting for a CEM to land on MY doorstep with a thud, any day now. I SO hear you.

Go stock up on chocolate...

And that light at the end of the tunnel, it's another BOOK. Be brave.
I thought there was a law against cruel and unusual punishment?
Couldn't they have just read this blog? Or is this super-secret? *snicker*
*hug* I should make you dinner or something. Hang in there!
In April?

I would throw kittens at you, but they tend to stick in inconvenient places.

It's an evil communist plot, I tell you.

You're trying to write a fucking novel? Does that mean you're the Erica Jong de nos jours? Has anyone called me a smartarse today?
Heh, I come from Sacramento, where whining like the little bitches we are is our life's blood! ;P
Oh, fuck me with a chainsaw

Um, you do know how big some of those chainsaws are, right? *g* A moment to brighten your evening ...

Do you think that works on books?
But...you're a published author.

That comes with superpowers, right?

See icon. *g*
My use of the phrase predates the movie. *g* Significantly.
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