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do you wanna be happy or do you wanna be right?

If you've been having a hard time finding a copy of Dust, Anne-my-editor just informed me that it's gone back for another printing.

Meanwhile, after weight lifting and climbing this week, I seriously need a hot bath and a fistful of naproxen before I do anything else today, because otherwise my massage therapy appointment is going to be tragic. OMG. I do not need that much pain in my life.

And then I have 161 more pages of page proof to get through. And the CEM on All the Windwracked Stars arrives today. And there's that novel I'm supposed to be writing....

In other news, ashacat and I totally brought home the bacon at the archery range last night:

This is an ex-javelina.*

A javelined javelina, even. (I only said that because I knew if I didn't, one of you would.)

(The top arrow is mine. The bottom is Asha's. Just ignore the trace evidence of all my earlier failed eye shots... I wouldn't be trying anything that tricky if I were actually hungry.)
Tags: jacob's ladder, shooting things

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