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bear by san

March 2017



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writing dust bible 'house of dust"

do you wanna be happy or do you wanna be right?

If you've been having a hard time finding a copy of Dust, Anne-my-editor just informed me that it's gone back for another printing.

Meanwhile, after weight lifting and climbing this week, I seriously need a hot bath and a fistful of naproxen before I do anything else today, because otherwise my massage therapy appointment is going to be tragic. OMG. I do not need that much pain in my life.

And then I have 161 more pages of page proof to get through. And the CEM on All the Windwracked Stars arrives today. And there's that novel I'm supposed to be writing....

In other news, ashacat and I totally brought home the bacon at the archery range last night:

This is an ex-javelina.*

A javelined javelina, even. (I only said that because I knew if I didn't, one of you would.)

(The top arrow is mine. The bottom is Asha's. Just ignore the trace evidence of all my earlier failed eye shots... I wouldn't be trying anything that tricky if I were actually hungry.)


I refuse to shoot at coyotes, foxes, or bears.

And we were bored with deer, and with concentric circles. *g* (Also, it's nice to know that you COULD feed yourself, if you had to.)
That's mighty fine shootin'.

Optimally, if'n you wanted to eat him, you'd be one to two inches behind the shoulder, so your broadhead would get heart, both lungs, and preferably shoot through so he'd bleed out faster. That shoulder joint is tougher than it looks, though certainly if you get an arrow through it you won't chase him too long.

We don't have Javelina here in Missouri, but I know a guy in Tejas, if you want to give it a try.

Those are both dead center heart shots, FWIW. *g* (The perspective makes them look forward of where they are, I think.)

Edited at 2008-02-29 01:33 pm (UTC)

Dept of Unsolicited Advice

Vinegar + epsom salt in the bath can really help put your sore muscles right with god.

A dedicated lurker who loves reading your writing process posts! (And they're ALL writing process, in the end!)

Re: Dept of Unsolicited Advice

I'm a kocher salt and peppermint oil girl. and yeah, it works nice....
I'm not sure whether to blame Amazon or snurri for my not having a copy of Dust: someone ordered me one for Christmas, and also ordered Superpowers, and so Amazon, in its totally finite wisdom, decided to wait and ship Dust along with Superpowers.

This is annoying me in waves, is what.
Amazon is wicked, and tricksy. snurri saved my life last summer, so I would appreciate it if you gave him a pass.

But at least you will have Superpowers!
So I saw "roadkill" that looked astonishingly like that on the side of the road just a block up from my house (in the sticks...)
It weirded me out--I didn't know wild boars roamed the Oklahoman plain, even if this area has some scrub.

Nice trophy you have there, for sure.
North America's only native piglike critter.
Second printing! Huzzah!
Dust was the only title of yours my local Barnes & Noble had on their shelves (argh) when I went looking for something by you the other day (I read your LJ and Shadow Unit but have been lacking in printed material!!).
I suppose I have to go to Amazon for others:)
Good luck with the page proofs etc...
Well, you can read Dust without any of the others...
Huzzah for reprints, cause i don't have a copy. Also, note to self to stay out of bow range. That's a nice shot.
Thank you! Asha is *very* good. I have reached the stage where I am intermittently pretty good, but I have problems with reproducibility.

Working on that, though.
The "failed eye shots" wouldn't have been kills? They look like they'd have gone straight into the brain to me, but I know little about bow-hunting - taxis are the only huntable critters in NY.

Archery and climbing are both on my 'want to learn' list - they look like just the right mix of tough and fun.
My bow's only a fifty-pounder, which is unlikely to go through a skull. More likely most of those would glance off it and cause a nasty icky nonfatal wound, which would entail trailing the critter until you got a kill shot.
I only shoot paper ones. *g* Unless I'm VERY HUNGRY. And if I'm hungry enough to eat javelina, more things have gone wrong with the world than I want to contemplate....
Nice shooting. When the zombie apocalypse comes, I want to be on your team!

Also, yay! reprints! Means I can point people at the book without having to taunt them with "It's a really cool book, but you can't have one".
I wonder if the archery range would let Bear put up paper targets of zombies.

"Practicing, just in case."

- yeff