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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

Duelling Shakespeare

Somewhere, Henslowe and Burbage are laughing their *** off--


Oh cool!
I'm slightly amused that neither one is casting a Jew as Shylock, but I just hope that neither runs afoul of the ADL or gets hit with other accusations of antisemitism.
It should be interesting, one way or the other--
I should hope there aren't any accusations because of that. It's not like you have to cast a Catholic in a Catholic role, a homosexual in a homosexual role, a straight person in a straight role, a married person in a married role, etc. Why should this be any different?

Okay, I must admit

I want to see both. I can't give up Al Pacino in that role, but Patrick Stewart is one of those old men I could rock anytime. (Yes, yes, shame on me ::grin::) Along with Sean Connery that is.
Both, please.

And I'm disappointed in Radford for being so snotty about it. Not that I know anything about him, but if I were Patrick Stewart, I'd now be making that movie just to spite him.
I'm totally about the spite in this case..... *g* Goooo spite!
This is completely off-topic, but I thought I should mention that my mental image of The Stratford Man as the best-selling novel it will someday be includes exactly that b&w photograph of Kit's portrait as part of the cover art.

From your lips to God's ears, baby *g*

You know, I dreamed the movie trailer a couple weeks ago? The techno version of "Carmina Burana" and lots of doves and beautifully dressed people doing swashbuckly things and turning around in startlement, eyes wide and gleaming. And doves. Lots of doves. And boysmoochies. And Lucifer looking very dapper. *g*

Very John Woo.

But yeah, that photo is wonderful, isn't it? I almost wish they had left the Corpus Christi portrait unrestored--especially since there are no color photographs of it in its original state.

::squeals and then looks embarrassed::

Yes, I'm intrigued enough to catch up on your back entries

Yes, I'm officially hooked by this novel.

::Which is ridiculous when you probably haven't even read any of it::

Will you shut up, Rosamund?

::No. I'm right::

There is something very rotten in the state of Denmark when a *character* can beat her creatrix in logic.

BTW that trailer was officially VC. Just too Vicious Circle (writing circle of friends of whom I have the privilege to be one) for words.

::grins blissfully::

Re: ::squeals and then looks embarrassed::

I've actually heard the name "Vicious Circle" before--did some of you have an affiliation with the Online Writing Workshop at one point?

My characters outsmart me all the time. If I didn't control the vertical and the horizontal, I'd be in trouble.

Dare I ask who Rosamund is?

Re: ::squeals and then looks embarrassed::

J'ai pas d'idée.

I'd have to check.

It sounds more than possible. I'd go with Aeryainne and Lia of any of us, simply because I haven't been in contact with them recently and I know they're trying to concentrate on the novel.

As for Rosmund...::steps b ack and allows Rosa to take centre stage circa 1910::

::Simply I am La Fille Dorée. The most desired, most sought after, most unobtainable débutante in London. I am the eternal mystery and the only woman to be seen regularly with the Duke of Langford. Even if he never has taken me seriously, and I hate him and never wish to see him again.::

Rosamund Dyal, only daughter of the 8th Earl of Aldeburgh. Spoilt, far too given to inventive revenges when piqued, precocious and far too much fun to write.
Mmmm, two Merchants of Venice! Patrick Stewart is so wonderful - I saw him in The Tempest, in Shakespeare In The Park - and Ian McKellen is lovely as well (thinking "Richard III." My other favorite Shakespeare). It'll be interesting to see both of them - I know I'll pay for the both!
I know. Just based on the cast, these both ought to rock.

Isn't it weird how things happen all at once? "You railroad when it's railroading time."

About two, three years ago there were three Marlowe movies allegedly in production. Sadly, all of them seem to have fallen by the wayside.

At least it's not space rocks, eh?
The thing that suddenly is pissing me off is: where the hell are the women? Where are Portia, Narcissa, and Jessica? I couldn't care less about which Fiennes is playing Bassanio, because Bassanio's a nothing role, and Antonio not much better. Portia, in particular, carries the half of the play Shylock doesn't carry, so who have you cast, boys? (No, the article mentions not a single actress.)

Girls are icky.

Either they haven't been cast, or the reporter (or directors? Both of them?) does/n't find women significant.

Re: Girls are icky.

Arguably, if they haven't been cast yet, it's because the directors don't think women are important.

Re: Girls are icky.

Well, we aren't. Just interchangeable T&A. Surely you knew that.