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well the rain came down on a coal mining town and it carried you away

The page proofs are dead. Long live the page proofs.

After two days of climbing and two days of weightlifting this week, and a massage therapy appointment today, I am not exactly surprised to realize just how badly I hurt. Although my therapist did get my right shoulder to let go of some serious tension it was holding for reasons unknown.

Supposedly, it's snowing outside, but I can't see it from where I'm sitting.

I am now going to go take a hot shower, drink some water, take a couple of naproxen, and do some writing. And tomorrow, I have nothing to do except write, and start on the All the Windwracked Stars CEM.

The deathmarch is on.

Sunday, Episode #2 of Shadow Unit goes live, and we have some supacool extras as well. I know you can't wait!

Also, I have some pending good news on a couple of fronts, but it's all very Secrit right now, so I will have to tell you later.
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