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the various pieces of our friend the elk

And there's the final, no really final, final-final version of Shadow Unit episode 1x02, "Knock on Coffins," sent off to coffeeem and stillsostrange so it can be posted tomorrow, and the first hundred pages of the CEM of All the Windwracked Stars grovelled through.I am thankful that it's an extremely light copyedit, which makes my job so much easier. Of course, it may mean that all my really rank stupidities will slip through into print, but if so, it's my own damned fault. Wait, let me practice my "I meant to do that!" face.

So now I get to take a couple of hours off to let my brain drain and think about how to start the next scene, and (when I get hungry) to start dinner, which will be meatball sammiches and grapes and I'm not sure what else yet.

And then after that, another six pages, if I can get them. Because that is the Regime. Six pages in the morning, six at night. Oh yeah. Unmitigated glamour.

The Snowpocalypse is over, and my feet are cold. I think I need to go make those meatballs now.

via jimvanpelt, tapeworms for weight loss. Ahh, vintage ads.
Tags: live without a net, lives of unparalleled glamour
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