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if you are what you eat, i appear to be made mostly of meat

Is there such a thing as protein narcosis?

Today, evynrude and I went to see the polymerized people exhibit in Hartford, which was very interesting. (Most fascinating--the dude with all his layers of muscle dissected, so that he looked something like a lionfish.) Then, we came back here to play guitar, and in a fit of irony, decided to attend the churrascaria in Hartford for dinner.

Oh. My. God. Usual procedure (not that I attend the Meatstravanganza often) is to walk the mile or so over there, eat, and walk home. On the way home, however, we were both giddy to the point of hysteria. After a certain point, just the word "meat" becomes funny. Especially because, after the thirteenth or fourteenth kind of meat, you begin pronouncing it portentously.

Anyway. Meat-related hysterics have subsided, and now I need to go do some HTML so you all can have a story on Shadow Unit before I go to bed.

And it will be at least a week, i suspect, before I am ready to again look at meat.
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