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bear by san

March 2017



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all that brainpower bent on whatshalliwhatshalliwhatshalliwhatshalliwhatshalli

Episode 1x02 of Shadow Unit, entitled "Knock on Coffins," is live. Along with some other goodies.

Including the theme music. (Though you'll have to wait a while yet for the opening titles.)


The theme music, at the very least, is made of win.

I am saving the rest for tomorrow, which I expect will be Difficult and require many, many treats to get through.
I am sorry in advance for your difficult day in anticipation....
Actually, not so much so as I'd expected. But thank you.

Also, OMGAWESOME. Yay, Duke! Yay, Hafs! (Now that's a superpower I could get behind.) And that's serious creepy, man. Well done.

(Also, I absolutely love Frost, as I rather suspected I would. She cracks me the hell up.)
Thank you!

(I love writing duke.)


"Enter Daphne Worth, stirring coffee, compact and professional in a tan summerweight pantsuit and a burgundy blouse that flattened her pale complexion, brown hair caught back in a short ponytail."

I'm not sure if flattened is a typo or an exceedingly clever deployment of the language.
It's not a typo.


How about the "though" in:

Reyes though, Someday, Solomon, I will determine which of your stories are truth, and which are fiction.
Already noted, thanks. If you look at the BBS, you can see a running list.

Also, please sign anonymous comments here?
Jane Siberry! Neat.
Thank you!

~tackles episode~

You know the really good thing about cutting and pasting content into a Word page so you can print it off and read it properly? It brings up all the little hidden linky things plain as day...
New Shadow Unit avec theme song and a new Nine Inch Nails album in one day? What have I done to deserve such bounty?
It's just for being you. ;-)
Tomorrow will be a day made of epic slack to play with my new toys.

And this sentence on the NIN FAQ page gives me chills:

"An exciting partnership and experience regarding this release will be announced soon."

Trent paid for the Year Zero ARG out of his own pocket. Perhaps he's up to some similar tricks. I must dispatch Bothans to gather intel.
Just finished reading "Knock on Coffins"- hot damn, that was good. Any further commentary I have would probably end up spoiling plot for anyone reading this reply, so I'll shut up for now, but yi. Wow. Thanks for a really good break from my nightly painting work!
Thank you! And you are very welcome.

And there's a spoiler thread going on the BBS, natch, if you want to spoil...
I'm getting a serious Patlabor vibe off this[1]. That's a good thing.

[1]Conceptually similar worldbuilding - take a bad TV trope (psychics in your case/giant robots in theirs) and make it not suck.
I'm not familiar with the property, but thank you.
Here, if you're bored enough. The movie's pretty good.

Alas, that I have to abandon my dreams of an Artificial Beta program run by some shady multinational trying to gather data on Chaz and Hafidha. But I can dream.
Firstly, amazing story. Heart racing still, 10 minutes after finishing it.

Secondly, Hafs has my undying, downright relentless envy, early grave be damned. Just warchalk my tombstone when I'm gone.
Thank you very much.

Yeah, there may be a little auctorial wish-fulfillment in that superpower.
I am *glad* this exists.

...I said, out loud, at the screen, in the middle of reading KoC. ("This" referring to Shadow Unit as a whole.)

(Yes, I can talk in asterisks. *It's my superpower.*)
I can talk in semicolons and parentheses. Obviously, we were meant to team up!

I am so glad you are glad it exists...


This could go on for a while...
Best TV show ever. I just wish the stuff on the box were even half this good.
thank you!!!
Just a quick note:

I finally realized yesterday that all the heart-racing I felt was not, as I first thought, a simple result of a suspenseful story told well, although it certainly was that. After reflecting on it (yes, the story was good enough to inspire reflection on my reaction, days later), I realized instead that it was due almost entirely to Hafs' breakthrough experience.

Because I *knew* what it meant, I knew how powerful of a moment it was for the team AND I CARED. Enough to get all out of breath and heart-pumpy over it. Two stories in, and these characters are strong enough and interesting enough to provoke strong physical reactions when the shit-fan turns their way.

I chalk it up to a combination of good team writing, an excellent idea and the amazing vision that you guys have created. Two episodes down and I'm more invested in these guys than I have been in characters on shows I've watched for seasons.

Brava. You should be very proud of yourselves.

More please?
Huzzah! You know, that is exactly what I want to hear.

thank you!
You want to hear it, and I want to read it. I think we make a good team. :-D

(You're welcome.)