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how about some credit now where credit is due for the damage we have done

Progress notes for 3 March 2008


New words last night: 460
New  words this morning: 918
Total Words: 7480
Deadline: April 15
Mammalian assistance: I think I may have caught the Presumptuous Cat peeing in the human toilet last night, but I am not entirely sure. Having never taught her that trick, if it's what she was doing, I am impressed. (I mean, she is a creepy kitty genius. But--)
Reason for stopping: Gotta get ready to go North!

Darling du jour: n/a
Tyop du jour: n/a
Phrases I spent fifteen minutes trying to work out a way to avoid: "lambent eyes"
Jury-rigging: And in this scene, the characters stand around and explain the plot to their author. Nevermind, I will fix it later.
There's always one more quirk in the character:  Tristen continues remarkably precise of speech. Perhaps he's an albino Vulcan.

Other writing-related work: last night was mostly devoted to Shadow Unit. No further progress on the AtWS CEM. I have audio rights contracts to review, too, but that will happen Tuesday.
Books in progress: I am still reading the new Cook's Illustrated, and have two months of SciAm and SciAm Mind to get through.
Exercise: 2 miles walked yesterday, around the MEAT.
Miles to Lothlorien: 260.2
Guitar practice: Not today
Mail: flurry of emails for a different Secrit Projekt
Things Chaz/Hafidha ate, contemplated eating, or threatened to eat:

Today's words Word don't know:  respawned, biosystems, failsafes, biologicals, unhelmed, misprogrammed, respawn,
Words I'm Surprised Word Do Know: lambent
Sustenance: coffee
Mean Things: parental angst
The Internet is Full of Things:
Tags: chill, progress notes

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