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bear by san

March 2017



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writing semicolon

It's like an addiction.

Lunch and work date with kayselkiemoon and blackholly was excellent. I have six hundred new word sthat I did not have before lunch. Also, Lunasa with kayselkiemoon, mcurry, and arcaedia was likewise good.

And now I need to go to bed, so I can get up and write more words on the b&%k tomorrow, so I can get tired, so I can go to sleep, so I can get up and write more words on the b^#k on Wednesday.... (also, I need to write a scene outline of "Ballistic" tomorrow, so we can maybe write that in time to go over it before it has to go up.

Other work tomorrow: going over these audiobook contracts and sending them back, and another hundred pages of CEM.

Dear Bear:

It's pointless and self-defeating to feel embarrassed by books you have written.

Love, Bear

The Presumptuous Cat just totally wiped out trying to jump up onto the bookcase. And now she's pretending she likes me, so I won't tell you about it. Or maybe her feet are just cold.

...and so to bed.


what i learned playing music; if you don't tell the audience how bad you suck, they will never, ever figure it out themselves.

The reason for that is that they want to believe. That's why they paid you money.
Have you heard the song, "I Meant to Do That" ? Every human who is permitted to cohabit with a feline should have it.
I have!
Dear Bear,

You have nothing to be embarrased about.

Loff, neutron

Twins, separated at birth?

neutronjockey, have you noticed we posted basically the same reply to Bear at the same time? I didn't even know about it until I came back to look more than 12 hours later. Quantum entanglement, maybe?

Re: Twins, separated at birth?

So... you'd like to discuss quantumly entangled pairs?
:D :D

Well that defeats the theory that when Bruce is around Jeff is gone.... then as soon as Bruce leaves Jeff shows up...

(that is kinda spooky eh?Look at that time stamp!)
Dear Bear,

You have no reason to feel embarrassed by books you have written.

Love, Bruce
I also had lovely work date.

There was book, and it was good.
and I, as well! I plan to return for more cookies and cider.
Hm. Guilt gorilla and ... embarrassment monkey, maybe? Then: cage match!
Suck Monkey.
suck monkey must die !!!!!!!!!

Guilt gorilla might have a few uses, paperweight, knick knack, cat toy.
Both of them are pretty much useless....
The Suck Monkey might be riding your back again, but I have to say, I finished Dust yesterday evening and proceeded to be quivering and useless for the night from the experience. That book is beautiful. The plot may be straightforward, but you laced it with lots of little echoes I felt all the way through, and it aches with emotion. Those girls rang so absolutely true it hurt, and the last parts... I. Uh. Still don't have words, but I did cry in abundance.

The Suck Money doesn't want you to see it, but from out here, you're doing wonderful things.
Thank you.
Agreed. Finished Dust in February, and it echoes with sadness all the way through. Which wasn't really what I needed to read this February, but beautifully written nonetheless.
(& read/liked Undertow in January, also liked; haven't read anything of yours yet you need to be remotely embarrassed about or anything other than fond/proud of)
Thank you.

I'm trying to learn to be a little less hypercritical of my stuff. It's, you know, hard. Because I'm deep-down convinced that if I stop scouring it for defects, of course...

well, that way lies writing the same novel seventeen times, each iteration just a little crappier than the last.
that defines a successful career to most people. However i trust you to eventually get complex and strange.. (snark)