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irritability, anxiety, fear of crowds

Progress notes for 4 March 2008

Total Words: 

Shadow Unit:

New words last night: 370
Things Chaz/Hafidha ate, contemplated eating, or threatened to eat: Cake, coffee, fingers


New words last night: 688
New  words this morning: 438
Deadline: April 15
Mammalian assistance: The cat is mad at me for being out all day yesterday, and keeps walking up to me and sticking her claws in my leg. I respond by flicking her head. It's a skirmishing war.
Reason for stopping: Going to shower and get dressed for the gym, and then do Other Work until it's time to go.

Darling du jour: Silently, Jsutien held forth his hands.
Tyop du jour: n/a
Phrases I spent fifteen minutes trying to work out a way to avoid: I've just taken to highlighting the crappy sentences in green, as part of the New World Order/attempt to defeat the internal editor on the draft. I also have a lot of [remember to go back and establish this in chapter one] and blah blah blah [verb] blah blah. I will fix it later. This is just a draft. it can suck. It does not need to be perfect; it needs to be written.

And so on.

I'm attempting to re-institute a policy that served me well when I was writing Hammered, which was the last time I felt this fumbly about a book. (Hello, skill jump underway. At least, I hope that that's what this floundery feeling is a symptom of.) Which is to say, if I don't know what a scene is for, I sit the characters down and make them talk until they find it. Then I cut out all the stuff where they were staring at each other and twisting their hands.
There's always one more quirk in the character:  Jsutien is a thinky creature! think think. Think think.

Other writing-related work: Today I must: outline "Ballistic," so Em and Amanda and Sarah and I can write the fucking thing. I must also get through the next hundred pages of the All the Windwracked Stars CEM.
Books in progress: STILL reading the new Cook's Illustrated, and have two months of SciAm and SciAm Mind to get through. Which tells you how much reading I have been getting done. Maybe I will take it in the tub. Multitasking!
Exercise: walked about a half mile yesterday. Off to the gym at 1:00 or so.
Miles to Lothlorien: 259.7
Guitar practice: evynrude came over, and there was gitar
Mail: A check from Nature!

Today's words Word don't know:  ribsprung, unhunch, textureless,
Words I'm Surprised Word Do Know: n/a
Sustenance: coffee, bagel, meatball
Mean Things: guy who reminds you of your dead kid brother
The Internet is Full of Things: Usually, but perhaps not today


Obviously the cat wants a bath. I suggest a little Woolite and the gentle cycle.
Petspa FTW.

OMFG that is *so* mean!

The cat is all "get me the *fuck* out of here! WTF R U doing!"

Poor cat. That ought to be against the Geneva Convention, or something.
That is actually the standard Pet cleaning treatment. There is another video of a reporter going through it with her dogs. It's actually fairly humane, and less likely to get you scratched or hurt the animal. I don't think I would want to be in the way when the door opens tho.
Fairly new to reading your journal - where does the "Miles to Lothlorien" come from? Not Lothlorien, the numerical bit! Is it an exercise/walking thing?

When we've been away, one of our cats gives us the cold shoulder, one inevitably pukes on something important, and one becomes velcro kitty. Velcro kitty being the one in the icon. Sounds like you've got your own velcro kitty!
Aha! That's what I thought it might be, and a very nifty resource! Thankee!

Did you walk to Rivendell first?
One generally has to, to get from the Shire to Lothlorien.
Hooray for square brackets and highlighting! You make those of us struggling through that first novel first draft feel much better about our own multicolored manuscripts.

And the internets today had avalanche pictures from Mars!
Yep. My motto when writing job letters is, "Done is better than good."
Just dropped out of lurk mode to say how heartening I find your metrics posts. I am too slow getting my own fiction projects moving in the midst of other freelance work and fighting RL distractions (yeah, aren't we all), and it's Really Great to see the details of that fight from the pov of someone else who's doing it--and succeeding.

Congrats on the check from Nature. Checks are Nice.
I do the highlighting thing myself, only in gray.

I need to do that scene talky thing, because there are way too many scenes in my WIP I have no clue as to what they're about.

Sounds like you're making progress!
Where does the name "Jsutien" come from? I keep doing double-takes because it looks like a doubly-tyopped "Justine." (Worst. Book. Evar., on the off-chance you were wondering.)
Oh, well in *that* case...

Srsly, a hed asplosion will result, but I'll forgive you because you're just that awesome.

So real writers use square brackets...

I've been going through my first draft with ### before things that need fixing. I find it's faster than highlighting in a different color, and easier to pick out with a Ctrl+F.
Sorry, taking it in the tub took me to bad places.

My [square brackets fu] tend to be of two types, since I'm a game writer, and not a fiction writer (yet, anyways) -

[[[THESE ARE FOR MY EDITOR, OR THE LAYOUT MUNKEE, OR THE ART DIRECTOR MUNKEE]]] and say things like [[[(ART DIRECTION HERE, POSSIBLY WITH VAGUE THREATS OF VIOLENCE)]]] or [[[YES, I KNOW, STEALING FROM FM3-90. BUT IT'S FOR THE ORPHANS, RIGHT?]]] or (more commonly) [[[THIS IS A TABLE]]] or some other immediate layout direction that the layout munkee needs to make the section not suck on paper.

[These are for me], and tend to say things like [find a name for this god that doesn't suck] or [Geeze, stealing from FM3-90 again, are we?] or [I should put some rules shit in here.]

I've never yet ended up sending my internal comments in on a final draft, but often do on the first draft, so the Line Director can see my thought processes - and because, honestly, sometimes I'm a lazy sod, and don't feel like stripping them out only to generate a whole new set with the final draft.
*Jsutien puts his paw to his head and says, "Think. Think. Think." Remarkably similarly to his new idol, Pooh.*

I can't remember if this is a book in a series, but if it isn't, I have one serious suggestion, awful as it seems: rename Jsutien. I mean, you can't pronounce it. That's always dispiriting for a reader. Me at least.
I can pronounce it. *g*

Try. It's easy.