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The good news is, I have raspberries and key lime cheesecake. And the Elizabethan fantasy fest continues, as kit_kindred is making me (re)read Lisa Goldstein's Strange Devices of the Sun and Moon, which he insists I read and didn't like, whereas I am insisting I never read it, but read Vonda McIntyre's The Moon and the Sun, because I clearly remember French people and mermaids.

Although perhaps it was an alternate me who read Strange Devices, while this me read the McIntyre book, and somewhere along the line there was a quantum event and all the Chrises switched one universe to the left. I'm actually convinced that this happens on a regular basis, and it explains why people have such wildly different memories of the same events.

Now if On Spec will just buy my story on that topic....

In bad news:

Argosy reject today, by the way. Just a form, so it's not really a cessation of the mail embargo, but it's something.

And I have no idea what happens next in The Stratford Man in specific terms, although I know what happens in terms of plot arc. The actual actions of the characters remain somewhat of a mystery, though.

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