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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

Dead Spaniard

Okay, it's a funny name for a color.

Is it such a funny name for a color that every novel on Elizabethan England has to riff on it? For Christ's sake, can we please find some way to characterize the court and courtiers besides listing silly color names? Please? We're supposed to be writers, here, looking for the telling and original detail.

Memo: Dead Spaniard is no longer the telling and original detail. Personally, I'm partial to inciannomati.

In fact, I think I'll use that today.


I think Oxford's peascod doublet should be pimpillo-colored. I'm just saying.
I think it's actually Dead Spaniard, if I remember the illustration correctly. *g*

I do note that this list is lacking "Kiss Me Darling." Which I believe we moderns would render "fuck me pink" *g*
now, Cuisse de Nymphe.
Hmm. Love the description but can't picture it. What is intense light blue?

I am picturing, personally, either "cornflower" or "sea blue," looking at my box o' 96 Crayola Crayons *g*
Right... chuckle. I'm thinking someone's eyes. I'm too romantic. I know. I know.
I've always been partial to Goose-Turd Green, myself.
I am disappointed that they don't include "belly of a flea", "sigh of a flea" and "thigh of a flea" from the French court pre-Revolution.

I think--

This list is Elizabethan only, although it doesn't say that on the page anywhere, of course.

What color, pray tell, is "sigh of a flea"?

Re: I think--

Elizabethan only. I managed to miss that. (I blame the heat; as the index rises, brainpower lowers.)

The flea shades were shades of puce, as I recall. I have to admit it's been some years since I delved into those particular memoires.