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bear by san

March 2017



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writing dust bible 'house of dust"

everything is fine. higher mathematics of the mind.

Oh, silly me.

Of course.

What this book needs is giant man-eating plants. And villain POV. And giant space squids.

And a dragon.

And a gonzo attitude.

Right. I forgot for a couple of months that what I was writing here was the literary equivalent of those early 80's fantasy novels with, you know, flaming Clydesdales and bone-sucking web monsters in them. Only without so much awfulness. At least, I hope.

Silly Bear.

Dunno what I was thinking.

More coffee, please?


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I was just telling Delia, I'm coming at this one from the outside rather than the inside, and it's weird. I think why I am freaking out is in part because usually I do all this work in my head, not in the draft. So I can't feel the shape of the book in my subconscious, because it's not there yet. I'm having to build it rather than discover it. And I do not have my pile of materials that I've been collecting for years lying around.

I just have to keep reminding myself that a different process does not mean a worse process.

Just different. And, okay, scary too.

coffee does always help.
Yes, one of each, please.

And how 'bout Gonzo drinking coffee?
I really need a Gonzo icon. I do identify with him most.
Sticky Jazz?

I do so love it when I spot Shriekback lyrics in your blog post titles.

Especially when I do it just after posting Shriekback references of my own (to save you looking - a recent game of Boggle, you could actually spell out the (not-quite)word "Parthenojenesis" on the board. So close!

We agreed that it would have been worth one milllion points.
They are a helpful bunch.
The awful [that should maybe be "aweful"] thing is not having the vaguest idea what the book needs...
That is so totally where I am right now. And it's so frustrating.

I'm just kind of offering it things and seeing if it wants any of them.

It's going to turn out like a Xanth novel, I suspect, where the characters wander around and look at various interesting bits of topography between the bits of plot, which occupy the first and the last chapters.
There is very little in the world that cannot be improved by the addition of giant space squids. ;-D
And if it doesn't work out, hey. Calamari.
Wow, my husband will LOVE it! He's been complaining that no one writes that flavor anymore :)
Here, have some coffee. I'm sure I'm too late.
Speaking as a member of the Shoot Those Damned Telepathic White Quadrapeds From A Safe Distance Society (STDTWQFaSDS), I must say I'm looking forward to reading this.

Speaking of math...

Today's cartoon: http://www.bunny-comic.com/ mentions math...

Wot we need is:

Illustrated children's books as told by Gavin!

"...and that's how I saved the world as we know it."

You had me at "flaming clydesdales..."

I was already on the edge of my seat waiting for this book (having just finished Dust), but if there are going to be giant space squids and the like in it, I may have to camp out in front of amazon.com (figuratively speaking) waiting to buy my copy.

Re: You had me at "flaming clydesdales..."

It's called "pre-ordering". I think I've got three for Neil atm, and he's still working on the last few chapters for one of 'em. (:

Edited at 2008-03-07 05:38 pm (UTC)
You can have the catgirl assassin in October, actually.
Why can't we have a flaming Shetland pony and some space crayfish?
Hey, I liked those flaming Clydesdales! :)

fire mares ftw

Secretly, so did I.
*sets you up with the cat-proof I.V. drip*
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