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if I did well really what's it too you?

Progress notes for 8 March 2008


New words: 2078. Woooo! With my motherfucking manuscript or on it.
Total words: 15042. 15K, and I yes, started a new damned scene and wrote a paragraph of it to break that point.
Deadline: April 15
Mammalian assistance: Lots of lectures today. At least I'm bringing her another monkey to distract her.
Reason for stopping: going to go eat Thai food and watch cartoons with a friend.

Darling du jour: She sucked her sore, mending tooth again.
Tyop du jour: I'm sure I'll find a million later
Jury-rigging: Oh, look. A seventh POV. *Gives up* Fuck it, the book is actually writing now.
There's always one more quirk in the character:  I met somebody new and interesting today. 0.0 And big. Very, very big.

Other writing-related work: none
Exercise: none
Miles to Lothlorien: 254.4
Guitar practice: none, but I will try some finger picking later.
Mail:  none

Today's words Word don't know:   unsapient, backstory, neesings, midrash, kilbit, tyger's, endeavour, bootprints, neurochemical, stigmatics,
Words I'm Surprised Word Do Know: leviathan
Sustenance: Thai food
Mean Things: paralysis, widowhood, angst
The Internet is Full of Things: via jaylake, readying the Shuttle for launch. (A photo essay)
Tags: chill, progress notes

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