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bear by san

March 2017



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writing dust rengeek shakespeare

i was born in the boredom and the chowdah.

This is just to say that my flist has been all-Hallelujah, all the time, for the past 48 hours.

Truly, I have used my power for good.

Progress notes for 12 March 2008.

Shadow Unit:

New words: 1197
Things Chaz/Hafidha ate/contemplated eating/threatened to eat: No food for them!


New words: 1920
Total words: 17728
Deadline: April 15
Mammalian assistance: elderly complaining cat is elderly and complaining
Reason for stopping: Falling asleep in my chair

This entire book is middle, I swear. The damned thing is like pulling teeth. My own teeth. With jeweler's pliers. Where is the fun?

I did hit a state of flow yesterday for a little--in the afternoon, after I had gotten about 800 words, the next four hundred came fluidly. However, it seems deeply unfair that I should have to hack through three pages of misery to get a page and a half that goes sort of well.

Darling du jour: the limbs sprung and swayed as if gravity luffed for a moment in the vicinity, and when they sagged again a patter of unripe olives struck the earthen deck.
Jury-rigging: "Saints be praised! The cook survived!"

Other writing-related work: Revising the Zombie Rock Stars. Writing a thing for Green Man Review. Copyedits on "Dexterity." Started critiquing "A Handful of Dust." And read over a revision request for "King Pole, Gallows Pole, Bottle Tree," which revision I need to try to do tonight after climbing.
Exercise: Climbing Monday, and for the first time ashacat came with me.

I finally sent that 5.8 on the slab wall that I have been floundering at for a week It's my first 5.8, and while it was tricky it was not undoable. Which tells me that my problem is yes, strength/weight ratio, not balance. We're shocked. (Why am I not losing weight? Damned if I know. It's not caloric intake or lack of exercise. Ah well. My body will get with the program eventually. It can't invent calories, even when it seems like it is. Law of motherfucking thermogoddamits, Meat Puppet. I win.) In addition, I did a 5.6 I'd done before (almost gracefully this time), got about fifteen feet higher on a 5.7 than last time (stuck on a tricky move getting around a corner now) and climbed an overhang the gym alleges is a 5.5 but I think is really a 5.6. It may be a 5.5 if you're a boy and can just haul yourself over the lip by being strong at it.

My right elbow has been bothering me. Stupid elbow. It's the one I gave myself tennis elbow in by hyperextending it on my 35th birthday, which I celebrated by helping netcurmudgeon tear the roof off a shed with sledgehammers. (Only I would give myself tennis elbow with a sledgehammer.) Anyway, it took six months for that to fix itself, so I'm (a) going to talk to my massage therapist about it next Friday and (b) try not to fuck it up any further between now and then.

ashacat, of course, sent a 5.6 on her second climb ever. I've created a monster.

Also, I went for a walk Tuesday, which leads to:

Miles to Lothlorien: 251.4.
Guitar practice: Duncan, Hallelujah, finger-picking
Mail: I sold the Zombie Rock Star story. I'm not sure I'm allowed to tell you where yet, however.

Today's words Word don't know:  irising, wingbeats, stagily, luffed,
Words I'm Surprised Word Do Know: oleaginous, singsong
Sustenance: Chili, which didn't come out very well. Eggplant parm, which did, but my body seems unhappy with it.
Mean Things: Necromancers do not always tell you everything they know. Tricksy necromancers.
The Internet is Full of Things: Tanita Tikaram live, on youtube.


Whoa. My roommate had her first two CDs when I was in college. Didn't she used to be less whiskey-voiced? And curse you, Bear, I don't need to go looking for OOP music.....
She's always been a baritone. *g*

I *love* her voice.
It's quite true that I've had a Hallelujah earworm for the past few days :) Not a bad state of affairs at all.
It gets in there, doesn't it?
Just as a random note, I've been really enjoying Shadow Unit.


Feel free to brag it up to your friends, talk about it at random on the internet, and/or throw money. *g* We *really* want to be able to keep doing this, and the only way we can do that is by building the fan base and making it pay for itself.
Law of motherfucking thermogoddamits, Meat Puppet. I win.

This is my new favorite.
Well, SERIOUSLY. You would think they had never heard of the rule about energy conservation.

The laws of thermodynamics are *not* just suggestions.
You are possibly not losing weight because the climbing is building muscle in place of fat.

It has always struck me as woefully unfair that this processis extremely slow and difficult, whereas fat will cheerfully replace muscle if you so much as take one week off swimming and look at a cake.
Alas. I'm actually *gaining* weight because I'm building muscle. Ten pounds in the last four months. I know it's muscle because my pants still fit, and my shirts are getting tight across the shoulders.

The meat puppet as ADAMANT about this avoirdupois. Despite the fact that it's not doing us any good, yo.
When the gizmos start sticking on Mythbusters, they tell the shop assistants to apply lard copiously. I'm betting that won't help much here, even if you use the lard to make pie crust, and apply the pie liberally to yourself.

Maybe you're building muscle, but not building it fast enough, or in the places that are most useful for climbing? Measure as well as weigh. (This gem of unsolicited LJ advice brought to you by Moro, the Purple Oranges!)

Oh, I'm building a ton of muscle. You should see my forearms and calves.

Hell, you should see me knead bread, these days. *g* thirty minutes, non stop, and I don't even notice the effort.

But yanno. It's still harder to haul 230 pounds up a wall than it would be to haul 180. Dammit.
Woot for the 5.8! Boo for the body not following the plan. I have a similar problem, the things that I know will help me burn weight off fast I can't do anymore. So I am stuck with the less efficient methods. But I have faith in you, I'm looking forward to seeing action photo's of Bear doing cool dynamic moves on the wall.
Yeah. I've always had an efficient Slavic metabolism. And I'm a mesomorph, so I build muscle fast, but I also hang on to fat. AND i've had a couple of illnesses that kicked the shit out of my metabolism. La.

It's not the vanity that annoys me. It's the overhangs. If I were lighter, I could do 'em.
I live to serve. *g*
On the subject of the earworm, have you heard that Mr. Cohen is touring?

Hallelujah indeed! (Even if I could never afford it in a million years, at least his Glasto. performance is likely to be televised)
In fact, I am trying to get tix to the Toronto show.

What? It's only a ten hour drive.
Zombie rock stars have gotta be made of win... *g*
I sure hope so....

And Iggy hopes so, too.
Hi! *waves* I'm a fan of your novels, and I'm LOVING Shadow Unit. I went climbing for the very first time this Sunday, and I think I might be addicted! I blame you and Chaz...

Oh, I'm so glad. For all of those things.

It is very addicty, innit?
Oh, god. I have been singing Hallelujah nonstop and it's all your fault. So thanks for that. Oh well, there are worse songs to be earwormed by. I need a version with the older, snarkier lyrics, the ones that haven't been popularized lately.

And that book of all middle thing is why I refuse to ever write a trilogy. (We will ignore that the Winter books want to be a trilogy. Sometimes they don't always get what they want.)

And nobody at this school seems to have ever heard of Hallelujah. I don't know what rock they've been hiding under.
Speaking of zombie rock stars, the Gothsicles (who are very amusing) are at Rapture tonight. I'm going. You're welcome to ride with if you have the energy.
Thank you. I'd love to, but I'm climbing tonight.
Someone who knows and *remembers* Tanita Tikaram! /flails/

Okay, you officially are made of win at this point. I was certain I was the only one spreading the gospel of Twist left on the Internet.

I saw her live after the first album when she was still a teenager. She looked very different, much like her publicity photos circa Ancient Heart. The way she looks now? She looks almost fake in comparison, gaunt, like she's had work done and a little too much on the Michael Jackson side of 'work'.

Sadly, it doesn't seem like she's improved much as a performer in all that time. She stood at the microphone, sang mostly with her eyes closed and never did anything but sing and play guitar like we weren't there. I was close enough to reach out and touch her knee, but I think if I had she'd have bolted off the stage and not come back. She looked like she *really* did not want an audience there while she was busy singing. Heh.

Still, if there were gods you could sacrifice spring lambs to for favors hers is the voice I'd send a flock up for...
Isn't it an amazing voice?

I sort of miss the Lovers-In-The-City era cute little butch haircut....