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there was this terrible sound and my father went down with a terrible wound in his side

Through the days of shame that are coming
Through the nights of wild distress
Though your promise count for nothing
You must keep it nonetheless.

--Leonard Cohen

Progress notes for 12 March 2008 (part 2)

In a sort of improvement, I now know what happens in the book. I just don't really feel like writing it. Still, I suppose boring, boring, BORING! is better than dreadful, dreadful, DREADFUL.

Also, I found a photo of me on flickr from VP, in which I have really good hair. How often does something like that happen? I even think it looks like me. Me with good hair!


New words:  1282
Total words: 19010
Deadline: April 15
Mammalian assistance: Cat vulturing from chair back
Reason for stopping: 19K, and I have to go start revising "King Pole" and practice guitar a little

Tomorrow I break 20K! Fifth of a book! It always seems to go faster once you've ground your way past that point. 0.0

Other writing-related work: Must edit "King Pole"
Guitar practice: Dunno what I'll play today. I really need to get my right hand doing more interesting stuff.

Today's words Word don't know:  unseeled, businessy, outmassed, nonthreatening, feathertips, treelimbs, uncatch,
Words I'm Surprised Word Do Know: filamentous
Sustenance:  coffee and water
Mean Things: vibrating knives, durance vile, family loyalty

And I greet you from the other side of sorrow and despair
With a love so vast and shattered it will reach you everywhere.

--Leonard Cohen
Tags: chill, progress notes

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