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bear by san

March 2017



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you'd know it if you'd seen his stuff. the man just isn't big enough.

Progress notes for 13 March 2008

I'd comment on the blog/don't blog kerfuffle, but I'm too busy blogging writing.

I am finding that while I used to be able to write, check LJ, hang out in a chatroom, and keep abreast of my email and a message board or two, these days writing takes up enough of my concentration that I have to close down email and so on to manage it at all.

My writer's group chatroom still seems to be okay, though--but that's usually full of people writing.

I'm getting more focused and worse at multitasking. Perhaps a function of writing harder things. Perhaps merely a function of my aging brain.


New words: 1467
Total words: 20477
Deadline: April 15
Mammalian assistance: I have been shed upon
Reason for stopping: going to meet ashacat at the gym. And then, archery.

Fifth of a book! Fifth of a book!

Jury-rigging: Yeah, I'm gonna have to fix that later. Screw it. Onward through the fog!

Other writing-related work: Revised "King Pole" last night
Exercise: Climbing yesterday. Figured out that what's aggravating my tennis elbow is the belaying. So I am gonna have to learn to belay left-handed. Fortunately, I'm moderately ambidextrous.
Miles to Lothlorien: 251.4
Guitar practice: Not yet, but I am gonna try to remember to bring it.
Mail: nomail

Today's words Word don't know:  electrostasis, unchewed, rememberings, sensorium, counterweighting, backslope, biosystem,
Words I'm Surprised Word Do Know: shiitake
Sustenance: coffee, cereal, eggplant, bread, baaaaaaaaaaaacon.
Mean Things: psychic fragmentation



I need to reason the cast iron. That means I must cook baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaacon. O, the hardship!
So difficult, I know.
Do you celebrate a fifth with a fifth?

I note the continued absence of tyops.

Belay the belaying.

I'm surprised that Word doesn't know 'sensorium'. On the other hand, given where Microsoft is located, I'm not surprised that 'shiitake' is in the vocab.
I was wondering the same thing.

I'm too out of the loop busy to get in kerfluffles, I guess.
Buckle down, comps are VERY hard for a reason.
What discipline/subfields? I can remember comps all too well, and the horrible dreams I had as they approached.
Aha. That sounds like fun. It does sound odd that you're not doing literatures outside of those. Just remember, none but the brave deserve the degree, and you have to face the bitter chill.
I'm not writing fiction, but I totally identify with your progress meter cartoon today!

I also understand the whole blog/don't blog thing. It's a question of balance and everyone has to figure out what works for them. Though lately I've been putting too much into the blogging/reading blogs/forums/etc. and not enough into the really productive work.

I think the balance varies with projects, too. Some require steady concentration (like this book is for you) and some you can bounce back and forth on with ease.
I've been enjoying the progress meter thingy. (Nothing of substance to see here; move along...)
There's a kerfuffle! (Cool).
Hobb vs. Stross. *g* 20 paces at dawn.
I'm gonna got straight ad hominem on this one.

Ms. Hobb is wonderful. I've stood in the footprints of an ancient king in her presence (and I've since tracked down her wee essay).

And they're both living (or have both been living) in Scotland...

But Mr. Stross is comparatively frightening. He's got a beard and everything! I mean. He could be like the modern Rasputin!


I've got to be pro-blog when Mr. Stross (and his beard) is nigh, anti-blog in private conversation with the intimates, and equivocal deep down in my tiny heart of hearts.

(I do keep a poorly minded pet blog of my own, after all).

Taking the moral low ground,

I figure I can kerfuffle when I have written THE BOOK I OWE YOUR WIFE.


You know.

She Who Must Be Obeyed...
It seems to me that your writing pace to date has beaten my reading pace.

I once had a friend who could read a month's work -- no hands-- before it hit the floor.

(I don't talk to him anymore).

In any case... as long as you stand behind Mr.GM and you'll likely be fine, eh?


Well, he's sworn of blogging, I see....
Yeah. But football talk is tough to resist.

And I think I misplaced Ms. Hobb, geographically.


Scary beard on the other side.



PS: I just went to a deep and spooky educational bloggy/wiki/podcasting etc day-long training thingy. There were fifty people in an ancient high school auditorium (complete with organ pipes) and the 24 people who turned up on the web feed had the whole live room distracted and performing. It's a funny old world. My head is still dislocated.