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bear by san

March 2017



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criminal minds gideon murder before coff

they come in their white socks flat tops and somehow

I have learned something today.

What I have learned is that Daphne Worth's identifying quote is, "May I ask you a totally inappropriate question?"


I am in Episode 2, Act V.

Nice SCA reference, and my wife says "cattywumpus" all the time.

She is in the bathtub reading "Carnival."
SCA reference?
On the bulletin board, "local SCA barony."
Ahh. I'm not sure that really counts all that much.I mean, things you find on college billboards for a thousand... as Todd or Daphne would say. *g*
Ooh, I *like* Daphne.
*g* yeah.

She just comes out and admits to being clueless and lost.

It's very Columbo.
Aww. It's so polite of her. And that totally sums her up. And yet not, because I actually have a character loitering over thataway who has also said this way too many times, but for different reasons I think (I don't think Daphne comes from the sort of background which left her really not sure whether said question was inappropriate or not).

I have been swamped with Moving and so forgot, but meant to mention that Episode 2 was very nice, and that I did not even once flinch despite the "villain" being a wheelchair user which normally raises a little flag for me - nope, all it did was actually make me ever so happy that Reyes instantly figured out the van thing. It was good enough story that I forgot to even reach for the mental sticky note saying "Check for wheelchair accuracy and disability ignorance here", and I did not need the editing sticky in any case. Which was awesome.

And because I read this blog, when we got to the "interrogation" scene, I thought I had it all figured out. "Weird pinchy hand motions? Fragments of sentences which seem to almost make sense and ring a faint bell? And *Bear* wrote this? OMG, it's guitar chords and lyrics! I am Teh Clevar!"

And I was wrong, and that was actually awesome too. And I think the scene was rather good, although I was so stupid exhausted when I read it that I somehow got confused and thought it was Chaz and Brody doing the interrogation. (I *really* wanted to read it, even knowing I was probably too dumb to read.)

Still exhausted and stupid and thus babbling inanely, but I thought the guitar thing was funny and have meant to mention it when I could at least type straight.
Thank you. We strive for accuracy (at the end of the day, of course, it's fiction, but you do what you can) and to avoid, when possible, stereotype and stupidity.

And it's a lot of characters to keep straight, at this point. The problem of ensemble shows: it takes three or four eps to get everybody sorted out in one's head....

I honestly suspect there was only about 25% ensemble problem and 75% "the reader has fallen asleep twice in this episode already". I will re-read when I am conscious and confirm this.
My identifying quotes are "This is going to sound like a weird question, but --" and "I'm curious, is --" and "You don't have to answer this, but --" and "No, I don't *need* to know this, I'm just curious."

And like Daphne, it's part of why I do the job I do. I knew there was a reason I liked her. *grin*
I admire people who can ask personal questions.

I was raised in New England, which means that we don't, you know *ask*.

We just sort of watch, and eventually figure out what's going on.
The interesting thing is I've still got some of the New England reserve (raised in Maine). The curiosity just tends to get the better of it. Mostly my question cascades happen when I'm out in a situation where I'm *already* asking a lot of questions, and hey, what's one more?
I had such a hard time out west--I felt like I was constantly being suspiciously quizzed by everybody I met. *g*
well, if you have the opposite problem, like I do when I go out east, it's better than having someone take a poke at you because you put the line between friendly and nosy in a different place.
I think "better" is possibly not the word you mean.

I think the phrase you mean is possibly "differently awful."