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wore me down like a road

Too tired for formal progress notes, but there was something like 5K on "Ballistic" today, which brings the entire thing very nearly to "crappy rough draft" status. Which is to say, there are still some short scenes that need written by stillsostrange, some short scenes that need written by coffeeem, and some short scenes that need written by me, and three scenes that I suspect coffeeem and I will have a grand old time trying to slough off on each other. ("Here! This is your work!" "Oh, no, it says quite clearly on the label here that this is your work, my dear.")

5K is about as good as it gets, for me. That's an exceptional writing day, and I only get two or three of those a year. (I wrote "This Tragic Glass" in two days, when I more or less did not stir from my chair. Today, I got up to pee, get more water, and (four times) to get something to eat.)

As you might expect, I am pretty freaking tired today, and if I do not actually cowboy up and write those last three scenes tomorrow, because I am a big sucker that way, I expect I will crash and burn instead.

Which is okay. Because Chill appears to have decided it needs a little time to cook, and since I have, you know, 20K, which makes me feel like this is a not a hopeless battle. And I just had a really good writing day that was almost not like dying by inches, I'm inclined to let it have that time to sit, and see if it comes back with a little more effortlessness as a reward.
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