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bear by san

March 2017



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writing dust bible 'house of dust"

but Id like to be the one to see you through

Progress notes for 15 March 2008


New words: 2698. Successful deathmarch. Tomorrow's goal is 1,825
Total words: 23,175
Deadline: April 15
Mammalian assistance: cat vomit! Oh boy! And she's been using me as a heating pad ever since. She is the Work Ethic Cat today--I can't get up, because there's a cat on my leg.
Reason for stopping: enough!!!!

Darling du jour: I have one, but it's a spoiler. ;-)

Exercise: 30 minutes of yoga
Miles to Lothlorien: 248.2
Guitar practice: There was finger-picking. La. It was not,I might add, good finger-picking.
Mail: truepenny and I seem to be nominated for a Lambda award, along with many other deserving artists.

Today's words Word don't know:  proprioception, scabbarded
Sustenance: chicken and vegetables
Mean Things: Guess who came to dinner?!
The Internet is Full of Things:  Pat Cadigan would like 500,000 thousand of us to donate one pound sterling to Alzheimer's research, to match Terry Pratchett's half-million pound donation. Writer's guide to a routine autopsy.


I can't blame Word today... proprioception is new to me. I had to look it up.

Thanks for the addition to my vocabulary!
Thank you!
Congrats on the Lambda nomination...did I mention that NIU also has a growing LGBT collection, with nominees and winners of that award as one of its centerpieces?

Thank you!

Mmm. Anybody I know behind that growing collection?

BTW, I have a pile of manuscripts here; I need to know where to send them.
Nobody here but us chickens. :) The LGBT collection is mostly books, with the exception of an archive from a pro-gay-marriage organization, and lots of periodicals about queers in the Midwest. I get to buy teh queer books, using the Lammys and the American Library Association LGBT Roundtable awards as a guide. But I also bought a bunch of Jeannette Winterson because she belongs there. :-)

Did I mention that I love my job?

I'll pm you with the address...
It is good to have a job you love.

Thank you!
My pleasure.
If 500,000 thousand of us donated £1, that would be £500M, not £0.5M.

I'll get my coat, shall I?
Thanks for pointing out the Pat Cadigan post. I have donated my pound -- it feels like little enough and yet a tiny bit more than nothing at all.
Congratulations on the nomination!

On a completely different topic: last month, after the Anonymous protests, I said I would try to get a snap of Carnival on the large pile of Hubbard's books out side the Scientology building.

The police wouldn't let anyone cross the road this time, but in the spirit of "I've brought along the book again, and I may as well take pictures anyway" there are these three: http://trivet.livejournal.com/2755.html#cutid1
Wow. That's *amazing.*

Stand back. I dunno how big this meme gets.
Congrats on the nomination!
Thank you!
Congratulations on the nomination!
thank you.
More on Pratchett - The Luggage from the Sky One adaptation of The Colour Of Magic is up for sale on Ebay. Profits going to The Alzheimer’s Research Trust.
I just saw the Lambda nod for you and truepenny on a mailing list, at which point I squealed, "Yay Bear!" into the quiet HVAC burr of my hotel room. Thank the good I have the place to myself at present else my family may have been put under the impression that I have regressed back to age 5.

At any rate, that is teh awesome! Yay!
Thank you.

Um... You know, I was looking for that "writer's guide to a routine autopsy" site... Neil Gaiman had had a link to it on his site becuase he'd referred to it when working on the autopsy scene for American Gods or summat. The link was broken last time I checked, but that was a while ago...
Congrats on the Lambda awards!
Thank you!