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bear by san

March 2017



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spies mfu goodliest outside napoleon

i fell into a burning ring of fire....

Progress notes for 17-18 March 2008

I got them into a cave today, and now they are rapelling down high-gravity shafts lined with giant luminescent tree fungus.

I am not entirely certain, but I think I maybe have my mojo back.


New words: 3300
Total words: 28550
Deadline: May 1
Mammalian assistance: It's nice writing with a purring cat on your leg, even if she only did let me get three hours of sleep last night.
Reason for stopping: Yesterday: going to meet evynrude, ashacat, and netcurmudgeon for guitar pickin'. Today: quota

Tyop du jour: alert to the danders of the wilderness

Other writing-related work: I have to do some Shadow Unit work tonight, but not right this second.
Exercise: Climbing last night, four routes, the hardest a 5.7 I couldn't do last time. I've got it down to one fall, but I managed that fall six different ways, and there was a lot of dogging on the rope and crying.
Miles to Lothlorien: 248.2. Maybe I can get a walk in on Friday...
Guitar practice: I may have learned a finger-picking patter applicable to "The City of New Orleans." We shall see. We shall see....
Mail: Some nice mail, which is still a secrit.

Sustenance: Not nearly enough--apple, pear, roasted tomato with cheese on top. Time for some food.
Mean Things: decoy parakeets. birds' nest soup.
The Internet is Full of Things:  via _eljefe_, Big Dog robot from Boston Dynamics. So totally cool. Check out the recovery modes.


Mmm, wilderness dander. Not even Benadryl can take it on!
*Does happy Bear-feelin'-the-mojo dance*

You need to be sure that dander isn't an indication of seborrheic dermatitis of the whatsits. Could be very hard out there in space, miles from the nearest retail emporium.

But caves are always good.


I really want to read this. For a number of reasons.
Well, that's ominous.... ;-)
It's not a conspiracy if we let the target in on all the details, now is it? :-)

Finish the book, then come up and have dinner, we'll talk. We'll even try to show you bright, shiny boys and girls.
I passionately hate surprises, so, alas, I think I'll pass.

But thank you for the offer.
But asciikitty has plotted so hard!

Think of it as bonus incentive to be done.

(And really, it's not that much of a surprise, we've actually discussed some elements of it via email.)
When I say I'm really, really uncomfortable with surprises?

I mean it. I'd be neurotic and miserable about it for the rest of the month, and uncomfortable with coming.

So, respectfully, no thank you. I'm sorry.
See email. Didn't mean to make you uncomfortable.
S'okay. I'm sorry.

This incident of triggery behavior brought to you by the letters P,T,S, & D. :-P
zomg we share trigger. hate surprises. hate, hate, hate, with more hate.
I have?

Giant luminescent tree fungus FTW!

You know, that's one of the things I really enjoyed about Dust: the sense of ecology, both old and new. It was interesting to read about it and consider how it must have mutated, adapted, and spread post-catastrophe. Plus there was all my speculation about bonus new things that popped up due to atmospheric shifts and disuse and such. (I did pay attention to the story and characters as well; it's just that the ecology felt so real, it made reading the book even more of a pleasure.)
You just made a very happy writer.
Dander can be a problem in the wilderness.
Well, I'M certainly aware of the danders of the wilderness.

Thank you for reminding me to take my bee pollen. *g*

Danders of the wilderness can be quite a setback, especially if it gives you faux eye-strain like it does to me. Then again, the reading on the computer thing isn't always such a necessary survival skill...
I am not entirely certain, but I think I maybe have my mojo back.


Now would that be *edible* giant luminescent tree fungus? Nasty flashback time for somebody if so!
I can't stand it any more. Every time the title of your post goes by in my friends list, I find myself adding "...and I can't get up!" to it.

And I had to share.
Giant Luminescent Tree Fungus! Wheeee! High gravity rapelling sounds really, really unpleasant, in a potentially splashy sort of way, so at least they have awesome scenery. Assuming it's not, y'know, carnivorous or anything, which would be less of an upside to the situation. For them, anyway.

Glad to hear the mojo is at least contemplating, er... mojo-ing? again. (Is that what it does? Is there a technical term?) It's sounding like it may very well be another of those grinning-all-day books, which makes me happy even as I await it.
w00t! for mojo. We luffs Bear mojo.

I have to get to Dust, it's really starting to get to me, all of this stuff I don't know about what you're working on and reading the posts and then almost knowing but not really and ARGH....

but first I'm finishing Joe Hill's short story collection, because the stories in said collection are fabu.

Re: rapelling down high-gravity shafts

Shouldn't that be under "Mean Things"? I mean, sure the view's great but still ... :p

Re: Big Dog

Alright! Now we're getting somewhere.