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i fell into a burning ring of fire....

Progress notes for 17-18 March 2008

I got them into a cave today, and now they are rapelling down high-gravity shafts lined with giant luminescent tree fungus.

I am not entirely certain, but I think I maybe have my mojo back.


New words: 3300
Total words: 28550
Deadline: May 1
Mammalian assistance: It's nice writing with a purring cat on your leg, even if she only did let me get three hours of sleep last night.
Reason for stopping: Yesterday: going to meet evynrude, ashacat, and netcurmudgeon for guitar pickin'. Today: quota

Tyop du jour: alert to the danders of the wilderness

Other writing-related work: I have to do some Shadow Unit work tonight, but not right this second.
Exercise: Climbing last night, four routes, the hardest a 5.7 I couldn't do last time. I've got it down to one fall, but I managed that fall six different ways, and there was a lot of dogging on the rope and crying.
Miles to Lothlorien: 248.2. Maybe I can get a walk in on Friday...
Guitar practice: I may have learned a finger-picking patter applicable to "The City of New Orleans." We shall see. We shall see....
Mail: Some nice mail, which is still a secrit.

Sustenance: Not nearly enough--apple, pear, roasted tomato with cheese on top. Time for some food.
Mean Things: decoy parakeets. birds' nest soup.
The Internet is Full of Things:  via _eljefe_, Big Dog robot from Boston Dynamics. So totally cool. Check out the recovery modes.
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