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bear by san

March 2017



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writing gorey earbrass unspeakable horro

you can tell them i'm coming and--hell's coming with me. hell's coming with me.

Progress notes for 22-23 March 2008

Ooo, I wrote a pretty sentence. That always makes me happy.


New words: 4160
Microsoft wordcount: 38,168
Manuscript wordcount: 44,750
Deadline: May 1
Mammalian assistance: the cat is picketing for something. And stealing my chair every time I get up.
Reason for stopping: Quota, scene, tired. Chapter 10 is done. Chapter 11 is happening.

Darling du jour: Overhead and alongside darted tiny jeweled birds with sewing-needle beaks, whirring like soft-spoken insects.
Tyop du jour: burst and rotten foot
Jury-rigging: I like the part where when I'm floundering through a draft, I just kind of write the scene I structurally know needs to be there, without any idea of the work it's meant to be doing. And then in the last two sentences I figure out what the work was supposed to be, so I go back and make a note at the beginning of the scene that goes, roughly, "Next draft make this scene do X."

Today's words Word don't know:  boled, Cattleya, somebodies, puddling, monodimensional,
Words I'm Surprised Word Do Know: multifarious, materiel, lossage
Sustenance: nachos
Mean Things: beetles in your hair, hypervigilance
Other writing-related work: SU easter egg hunt stuff

Exercise: went for a walk
Miles to Lothlorien: 245.2
Guitar practice: Kind of desultory, but there was some last night. And some better practice today. I am really, really not very good at this.
Mail: Congrats to M. John Harrison and Minister Faust, Who are (respectively) the Dick Award laureate and Certificate of Merit recipients this year.

Congrats also to the BSFA award winners:

BEST NOVEL: "Brasyl" by ianmcdonald
BEST SHORT FICTION: "Lighting Out" by Ken MacLeod
BEST ARTWORK: "Cracked World" by Andy Bigwood

The Internet is Full of Things:  But who has time to go look for them?


I made a "reading typo" (there must be a better name for that?): "Overheard and alongside darted tiny jeweled birds with sewing-needle beaks, whirring like soft-spoken insects." I like both our versions lots.
Like a thinko only more so.

Your Progress Pleases Me...

And now that I've finished "Dust", whenever I feel you're not writing the sequel quickly enough I will get out my whip, reciting Edna St. Vincent Millay poems in a sadistic fashion whilst beating you about the head with your own copy of Conrad Aiken's "The House of Dust", which will emit ironic plumes of dust which shall blind and choke you till, mewling like a newborn kitten, you shall type two consecutive "the"'s, and then a "teh". At which point I will subsume your consciousness and see how you like it.

Of course, if I subsumed you, Bear, I would become so awesome that the world would implode.

Re: Your Progress Pleases Me...


That's kind of creepy, man.

Re: Your Progress Pleases Me...

Yes, it is. I apologize... but I will recite Edna St. Vincent Millay poems (may not sadistically), and read "The House of Dust". I *am* glad the writing seems to be coming along on "Chill", otherwise I *would* totally despair. ^_^

And it is actually more likely that you would subsume *me*...*bows before Bear's awesomeness*

Re: Your Progress Pleases Me...


Re: Your Progress Pleases Me...

Sorry! Sometimes I get carried away with my imagery... it was a joke! it was a joke! *covers face*

Re: Your Progress Pleases Me...

*peeks out hesitantly*

Re: Your Progress Pleases Me...

*peeks back through fingers wide-eyed*
'Puddling' is a lovely word.

'Burst and rotten foot' sounds like a genuine phrase, something that could happen under imaginable circumstances.
...especially in one of my books.
That's true, given the wonders that come out of your imagination.
He's so lovable. For a fascist.


I met

Minister Faust at a Robert J Sawyer reading briefly last year here in Edmonton. Seems like a nice fellow. I hope he wins the Dick.

Jim Shannon

Re: I met

He was runner up, if you see the post above.
The Internet is Full of Things

Like tractor square dancing. (found in a comment in rivka's journal)
That's a peculiar mix of impressive, weird and funny. I sort of wonder how long it took the first person who thought of it to get anybody else to agree to try it.
Ooh, pretty-sentence-love!

Also, Marshall Earp for the win!
*cheers massive word day!*

Why did I read "Other writing-related work:" as "SU easter egg hunt snuff"? Rabbit stew, anyone?