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Cat Vs. Giant Dog

Cat: What is that horrible Thing?
Giant Dog: KITTY!
Cat: *makes a noise like a failing CV joint and scales the television stand*
Giant Dog: kitty?
Cat: *trees self*
Giant Dog: *hides in kitchen, behind Monkey, and peeks around corner into living room*
Giant Dog:
Cat: *makes a noise like two failing CV joints*
Giant Dog: *backs away respectfully, tail waving ever so gently, eyebrows worried*
Giant Dog: Hullo, kitty. You can come down from the top of the television stand.
Monkey: Oh dear. Here, Cat. How about I give you a lift past the giant dog, into the bedroom?
Other Monkey: Be careful. She's pointy.
Monkey: *picks up Cat*
Giant Dog: Kitty!
Other Other Monkey: Giant Dog, come here.
Giant Dog: But.... kitty.
Cat: *makes a noise like three failing CV joints and a steam drill.*
Giant Dog: *tries to rescue Cat from vicious Monkey, who is obviously hurting her*
Monkey: *somehow gets Cat into bedroom without losing a limb*
Monkey: Oh, look. Halloween cat. Wrong candy-related holiday, kiddo.
Giant Dog: *stands at end of hallway to bedroom, tail still waving slightly*
Giant Dog: kitty?
Other Other Monkey: You can go look at the kitty. It's okay.
Giant Dog: That would not be respectful of the kitty's wishes.
Other Other Monkey: No, look, just come down here and look at the kitty. She won't hurt you.
Giant Dog: But the kitty is scared. Poor kitty!
Other Monkey: Come on, Giant Dog. Let's go look at the kitty.
Other Monkey: *sneaks down hall like Shaggy*
Giant Dog: *sneaks down hall like Scooby*
Giant Dog: *will not pass bedroom door*
Cat: *makes a noise like drilling concrete*
Other Monkey: Really! Come see the kitty!
Giant Dog: Monkey, I really don't think that's your brightest idea....
Monkey: *laughing too hard to intervene*
Cat: I hate you all.
Tags: cat vs. monkey, presumptuous cat

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