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bear by san

March 2017



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can't sleep books will eat me

there will always be a faster gun, but there'll never be another one like you.

Gragh. Was in bed by 11 last night, due to Uncontrollable Sleepy. Got up at 6:45 this morning, after successfully arguing with the cat for 45 more minutes of rack--and could have used more, honestly. Where is this sleepy coming from?

Anyway, I got a bunch of what I think is pretty good work done on "Ballistic" this morning. Though I'm starting work up a real good case of deadline frets over it, most of what's left to do isn't mine, and what is mine has to wait until we have a nearly-complete complete draft, so giving myself heart palpitations over it not being finished is not doing me any favors. (It's not that anybody else is falling down on the job, I hasten to add. It's that I come over all German about deadlines, and want things done a month before they're due. So, yeah, I'm also fretting painfully about Chill, because I would in an ideal world have liked to have a draft by now. And then there are these two other projects, the Sebastien and Abby novella and the New Secrit Projekt novelette, which are also weighing on my mind.)

And the Hell & Earth and All the Windwracked Stars page proofs haven't arrived yet, so there's a certain air of waiting for the shoe to drop.

However, comma, what with one thing and another, I think I have the decks cleared through I-Con, except for a couple of obligatory evening engagements, so maybe we can get some writing done.

Except for the part where I really, really don't feel like working any more today, and the cat and this sunbeam are conniving to convince me that what I would really rather do is nap.

Ah well. There's what we want, and then there's what they pay us to do.

And right now, what they pay me to do is to write eight pages a day of this b%#k. So graciously or ingraciously, it's got to be done.

And then I can play guitar and go climbing, afterwards.


That's not quite eight hours, which is not an excessive amount of sleep. If you routinely do less than that you are probably running a sleep deficit. This will eventually catch up with you in some way. Most likely your body is either insisting on fixing that, or you are fighting off some virus or other. Letting yourself sleep more for a while is good.
Thanks for the unsolicited livejournal advice.

But actually, I'm a habitual short sleeper, have been all my life, and anything over six and a half hours is a *long* sleep for me and usually leaves me feeling crappy all day.
Apologies seem in order. Sorry to have offended. Meant well.

I'm sorry I was crabby at you: I take extremely poorly to people who don't know me well making suggestions, in general, unless I have asked for them or they're experts on the situation at hand. And I *loathe* the whole unsolicited-helpful-advice internet culture thing.

And I'm even more than usually crabby right now because I am tired and annoyed.
"Internet culture thing" - a new thought. You produce them regularly, for which I am grateful. It is what keeps me reading your work, both her and what you have published. I do like thinking.

I will have to watch to see if it happens more often on the internet than in regular life. My conceptualization is that expressing discomfort or pain produces either helpfully intended suggestions or growls of annoyance from bystanders in general - a humanity thing as opposed to an internet thing. I must add that I think you got back an elder-voice from me that you had no reason to suspect I might own.

All sources of feeling like crap bring along the crabby. The upside of the internet is that you can crab back at me without causing me emotional damage. I am not sufficiently attached to your good regard for it to matter.

I wish you well. Again, sorry to have annoyed.
Well, it also comes with culture clash. *g* I suspect Yankees in general are much less likely to offer/accept unsolicited advice than persons of other North American cultures, and so it tends to feel to us like a vote of no confidence.

So, yeah, not just elder-voice, but my own acculturation that tells me that unsolicited advice is a correction. Which of course is not true, most of the time, but my visceral reaction is hard to control.

Anyway, again, sorry about crabbing at you.
I've recently gone from a normal 6-hours-is-all-I-need to "gimmie 7 or naps happen" status.

Getting older? Sucks.
You know, you're supposed to sleep LESS as you get older.

You WOULD have to be different.
learn from my bad example, o mere youth....

(me, I blame the felines. Kitty nap vibes are awesomely powerful things. We should aim them at the Middle East. I bet all the problems in the world could be solved if everyone just took a nice nap and had juice and cookies, after...)
And storytime.
My wife calls them "sleep waves", and says that cats (ours in particular) positively exude them in torrents.
So, would the term, "irradiated" still apply to these? Or do we need another term?
I've found myself needing a bit more sleep as I've grown older, partly because I've run up quite a sleep deficit (on the other hand I just racked up 22 hours straight without sleep so what do I know). But that's me.
I keep waiting for this miraculous ability to sleep less to kick in. I'm needing to sleep more, and more, and more. I used to be a "more than six hours and I feel like crap" kind of gal. Now I'm an "anytime, anywhere, I could snore a bit, sure!" kind of gal.

I don't know where the sleepiness comes from. And I can't blame cats, because I'm allergic. Thirteen-year old boys? Do they radiate sleepiness waves?
No, they just suck the life energy out directly. (:
Children are energy vampires. They must be. It's the only rational explanation, isn't it?

Sleepies? Pollen.. It's Spring, remember? Gottem myself.. Got the itchies too.. Sigh.
Ah, but that assumes pollen has come to Connecticut.

It still looks (and feels) like early February out there ... no pollen for us yet!!
new Secrit Projeckt

I saw that.
You can't hide.
Was in bed by 11 last night, due to Uncontrollable Sleepy. Got up at 6:45 this morning, after successfully arguing with the cat for 45 more minutes of rack--and could have used more, honestly. Where is this sleepy coming from?


Creeping sleep deficit? Allergies? Allergic to the time change?

I hate DST. Especially when I have allergies. I know that my circadian rhythm has been slightly off since the time change, for the above reasons.
Oh, me too; I haven't gotten to sleep at a reasonable hour (=before 1:30) since the time change.

Grrr. Stupid daylight savings time. How is one supposed to sleep at night with all this light in the evenings?
I have the Chronic Uncontrollable Sleepy (I need 10 hours a night or I'm barely functional), but last week before I woke up with the cold I currently am dealing with, it got a *lot* worse.

Here's hoping this isn't a harbinger of a cold for you too ... :/
I find that, when I'm extra sleepy or groggy, it's usually because my body is fighting off some sickness or other, and if I give it extra Zicam, Vitamins (especially C), anti-oxidants (blueberries and blackberries are good), an hour or so more of sleep than usual and other such, I often don't come down with anything. The deadline stress probably isn't helping the situation any, but you're already doing what you can about that.