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bear by san

March 2017



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iggy pop amazing abdomen

misery is the river of the world. everybody row.

So I'm up, I have finished the bread I started last night after climbing (I actually had a pretty good climbing night, for somebody who was damned sure she just wasn't up to it before she got to the gym. By finding a way to get more leverage, I got past a power move on one wall that has been defeating me, though I have yet to finish the route, but I guess I can say I'm sort of comforably 5.6 and working on 5.7s now, which is actually progress even though it really still feels like I am the worst climber at the gym.) and am waiting for the last rise, I have read the final draft of "A Handful of Dust" (and aren't you jealous?) and I am now drinking coffee and staring at Chill while trying to figure out what the hell they're going to do with this mammoth.

Got past the maneating plants last night--an extra five hundred words before bed, huzzah!--and today the Presumptuous Cat and I get to sit in the big worky chair with the heating pad (windows open and a sunbeam for each of us), eat pears and carrots and ham and cheese sandwiches, and try to reach page 200.

If only I could find some focus and alertness. Perhaps if I promise myself a nice long walk if I make wordcount, that would help me get some traction, because it promises to be lovely outside today. (Dear Bear: The sooner you stop faffing about and write, the sooner it's over for the day. Yes, I know it's the middle of the book. It doesn't get any less middly for wishing it didn't exist.)

Caught myself thinking last night that I wished it was October, and this book was written and revised, and so were the other things I need to write in the next couple of months, and the convention season was over with. Also, I will be a better climber and guitar player by then, which are things I am looking forward to. As I am at the point in both where I am not quite a complete rank beginner anymore, but I am also not in any way, shape, or form, any good at all.

But that's okay. I don't have to be good at them. I have to be good at writing. All this other stuff is fun, and I do not have to be type-A about it, right?

...I still wish I was better. (Maybe having gotten just a little better at archery is making me greedy?)

Tomorrow, I get to pick up a new batch of contact lenses, and then I will be able to see clearly again. Maybe I'll get the nosepiece on my glasses fixed while I'm there.

Ahh, the glamorous life of the midlist hack.

Here. In far more interesting comment, have a couple of peregrine falcon webcams. Hartford's pair has not come back yet this year, but via tammy212, the birds in Harrisonburg, PA, have two eggs in the nest...


Peregrinations, or, The Widening Gyre

And you and your minions know, of course, that the former Kodak Birdcam is now operating as Rochester Falconcam, under the sponsorship of the Genesee Valley Audubon Society.


Mariah and Kaver have no eggs as yet, but visits to the nestbox atop the Kodak building are increasing in frequency and it shouldn't be long...

also, belated conga rats on the Hugo nom nom nom

Re: Peregrinations, or, The Widening Gyre

Thank you!
Also also - past the Man-eating Plants is good! And Better Bear-Vision even better1
I can't say as I blame the Hartford falcons. I'd hate to bring chicks into this world when I wasn't sure it was quite done with winter yet.

As one who has become nearly noseless (and earless) because of hostile spectacle frames, I vote for nosepiece repair. I realize Dr. Dean may not let that vote stand at the convention, but I suspect the issue may well be decided before then.

Also, we're on to you--we know quite well that whatever it is you're doing, you will want to do it better. We love you for it, though, and so will not mock you when you complain you aren't doing X well enough--yet. Well, maybe we'll mock just a little, but we'll do it with love. (Pie crust recipe upgrades just before Thanksgiving? Mhm-mhm-mhm.)

The pie crust came out really well.

Just saying. ;-)
Of course it did. But a pie crust recipe upgrade just before a major pie-eating holiday, when most would stick with the recipe they had they knew worked OK, is so you.
Well, hey, I only make pie like twice a year.

When else was I gonna try it?
Yeah, the problem of pie consumption by those who live alone...

My great-grandmother once baked 90 pies in a months. Of course, it was harvest time, and there were extra people on hand to help out, and none of them were too proud to eat pie for breakfast, but still--90 pies in one month.
That's only three pies a day.

And hey, what do you mean, too proud to eat pie for breakfast? If there's pie in the house, what ELSE would you eat for breakfast?
if you're a Yankee, no problem. otherwise, heresy charges may be brought
AS I said, none of them were too proud to do it--and neither am I. Mmm. Pie. There are people who laugh (including one of my sisters), but as my brother once noted, if you don't eat the pie you have in the house, how can you expect the pie baker to bake more? If that means the last piece needs to disappear before noon quickly enough to allow time for another to be made, well, the sacrifice must be made. We'll flip for who has to volunteer; the arm-wrestling got to be too violent.

Mother did the math on the 90 pies/month once. As she figured it, there was my great-grandfather and two sons, Uncles Byron and Milton (not named for poets), and my great -grandmother and three daughters. The womenfolk divided up a pie between them, and the men dealt with the other two, possibly with the aid of at least one farmhand, or with any pie that didn't get dealt with at dinner and supper being taken out of circulation at breakfast the next day. This sounds like an unfair balance of pie consumption, but to be fair, the men were doing heavier work than the women at that point, since we're talking farming before World War I, with horses and mules, not tractors and combines. Not that great-grandma and the girls were slackers, either, between housework, the garden and dairy work. Despite the rest of their diet matching the level of pie consumption (we won't discuss the amount of biscuits made per meal, lest the faint of heart be frightened) none of them were fat, either. These were not made in small pie pans, either--Great-grandma had no use for the 8" pie pan; it was for amateurs only.

One of the things I wonder about is: How often did she repeat fillings in the course of a month? Also, were all the pies made in one day the same (all apple, all peach, and so on) or did she try for a variety? I'm pretty sure the pie crusts were made with lard, though. The biscuits were for sure.

What kinds of pies?
Link to Portland Oregon Raptorcam, this pair of red tail hawks successfully raised a brood last year at this location ( a fire escape, I believe) and are nesting there again.


Apologies for the small ad at the beginning, which is redeemed (at this moment) by being for the Newport Aquarium and having a nifty starfish in it. Besides the live cam feed there's slideshows and stories about last year's brood.

Sorry the book is being so middly. It's like the part of the family trip when the excitement of departure has worn off and the back seat rings with 'are we there yet?'- or what knitters call Second Sock Syndrome. Because oh joy, new yarn, new project, oh look the heel's turned, there it's bound off, now I have one sock and I am tired of this project but must continue through a whole second sock, do not want, maybe I'll buy more yarn for inspiration. And that way madness lies, surrounded by socks with no mates and a yarn stash that could be used to insulate one's house.

Not that I would know anything about that. Ahem.
no sympathy.. I'm a bigger hack at more artforms than you. Never give up... the ship... glug...
I didn't realize there was an option of being anything else other than type-A...?
I've tried relaxing and not taking certain things so seriously. Ain't nevah worked.
Bear, you'll always be a TOPlist hack to me...*pets Dust, which is best thing since sliced bread*
but I guess I can say I'm sort of comforably 5.6 and working on 5.7s now, which is actually progress even though it really still feels like I am the worst climber at the gym.

I always try to refocus that feeling into, "And look how many people I have here to learn from!"

Sometimes it works better than others. :-p Yay, progress!
Yer smrt.

That is all.