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December 2021



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writing whiskey devil

he plays piano with fistfulls of broken belvedere crystals

2001: Scientists think there is just a one in 20 chance that the West Antarctic Ice Sheet (WAIS) will collapse in the next 200 years.

2008: Satellite images show the runaway disintegration of a 220-square-mile chunk in western Antarctica.

Were we using that for anything? Well, sorta.

[12:30] tanaise: Did you see that Prince Caspian is coming out soon?
[12:30] stillsostrange: I did!
[12:30] tanaise: (my second least favorite of the books, of course,)
[12:30] stillsostrange: I love PC
[12:31] stillsostrange: Not as much as Dawn Treader, but enough
[12:31] matociquala: Dawn Treader and The Silver Chair are my true loves.
[12:31] matociquala: I actually no longer have Dawn Treader
[12:31] matociquala: I had the box set and I read that one until it fell apart.
[12:32] stillsostrange: They should get Tilda to be the lady in the Green Kirtle too
[12:32] matociquala: mmmmmmmmmm
[12:32] matociquala: Yes.
[12:32] matociquala: I am ALL ABOUT Reepicheep.
[12:33] stillsostrange: He is the best mouse
[12:33] matociquala: (Sweet! Sweet!)
[12:33] tanaise: Maybe they'll get Rizzo to play him.
[12:33] matociquala: heeee
[12:33] stillsostrange: the words "gay and martial mouse" aren't written often enough
[12:33] matociquala: Rizzo needs the work.
[12:33] matociquala: LOL
[12:33] tanaise: Amanda, whose fault is it, then?
[12:33] matociquala: Okay, so blogging this.

Here, have some pictures of a blue-eyed tobiano Gypsy Vanner stallion who looks remarkably like Whiskey. (Yes, the website design is terrible, but the ponies are pretty.) Hmm. Need movie deal, so I can afford a horse property, so I can have a pair of ponies.


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My god, that horse is gorgeous. Just. uh. Wow.
I want this on a book cover.
Last I heard, Eddie Izzard will be playing Reepicheep.
what a beautiful horse.

...I still feel guilty that I've, uh, never read the Chronicles. For some reason I wound up skipping a lot of the fundamental series that most sf/f fans seem to read early on.
If they get Rizzo to play Reepicheep, doesn't that sort of mean that they need to give Gonzo a part, too? Maybe he could play the tutor...the dwarf in disguise (whatever his name was).

Or Edmund.
And here I thought I was long since past the whole "ZOMG PONY" so many girls have, but that horse...! What a gorgeous creature.
That's sadly one of the better website designs in the horse world...sadly.
You looking for work, by any chance? ;-)
Dawn Treader is absolutely my favorite Narnia book, too.

Also, am I cheating on Star if I think D'Jango Jazz is so completely gorgeous that I would consider selling my house, my car, my (hypothetical) first born child to be able to acquire his offspring?
Aww. Now, that's a trustworthy mare.

The Vanners are spectacular, aren't they?

They're being heavily marketed in the US as a Newly Rediscovered Ancient Breed, but I'm pretty sure what they come down to is English and Welsh working cobs and warmbloods, and I would guess there's a buncha of Shire back there by the faces and feathers.
Can has Silver Chair, pls? Want Puddleglum on the screen. Done right.
ooo. Now I want to see a Reepicheep plaed as gay in the modern sense. Or maybe just sort of ... swishy, like Cap'n Jack Sparrow.

The Dutch word for fresh water is literally sweet (zoete) and so I was thinking about Reepicheep's prophecy just the other day:

Where sky and water meet,
Where the waves grow sweet,
Doubt not, Reepicheep,
To find all you seek:
There is the utter east.

(I never memorized Tolkien's songs because I finally got around to reading him too late, but I can do all the poems in The Dark is Rising, the long and sad tale from Alice in Wonderland, most of Menolly's songs (I set out on purpose to learn those when I was 14 or so) and scattered bits from Silverlock. (I keep meaning to memorize all of "East of Agamemnon", at least. One of the things I love about LJ is knowing I'm far from unique here.)
Your mission. Maneating Pony T-shirt.

I would buy one. *g*

And send all Whiskey's fans.
That is the most gorgeous horse! Wow!
"Further up and further in!"
Damn, stupid fingers. I'm a total Last Battle fan, but the Voyage of the Dawn Treader comes close, mostly because of Reepicheep who is just awesome - the Errol Flynn of Narnia - or possibly Stewart Granger, who also had a nicely buckled swash! *g*
Well, seeing as how they had a bigger collapse than this just one year after that 2001 estimate shows either how much we suck at calculating climate effects, or how skewed the study was. My thought is yes.
I have always had far more of a love for The Chronicles of Narnia than Lord of the Rings... but then, I love religious imagery (as seen by my rabid love of Keys to the Kingdom--listened to podcast of my guy Nix reading the Prologue and first few pages of "Superior Saturday". Hawt Australian accent? Check. Far-out fantastical landscapes? Check. Villainess suffering from excessive Pride? Check. Dreissel trees straight out of Norse myth? Check. Shocking revelations about the Architect of All and Arthur's slow evolution from mortal into higher being with connected moral issues? Double check. All-around effect? Awesomeness).

Anywho, I'll always have a fondness in my heart for "The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe" and "The Horse's Boy", 'cause I read those first. But "The Magician's Nephew" and "The Last Battle" are too thinly veiled as allegories; "Voyage of the Dawn Trader" and "The Silver Chair" are inarguable the BEST. "Prince Caspian"'s like the awkward middle child...XD
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